The Rabbit Hole

I've been spending the last couple ofweeks trying to input my copious notes from the last
PDR into the computer (in some sort of organized fashion), and I have to say...everytime I
go back to the screen, I'm amazed by the depth of information that is contained in this system.

I confess...I have always been skeptical of those folks who say "My system has it all". After
all...there are so many variables in this world, and so many different reasons for practicing,
that it seems no one system could really address everything.

And yet, the further and deeper I go into this system, the more I am convinced that within it
is a formula and method for answering whatever questions I have.

Does this mean I've suddenly stopped advocating cross-training? Never look at a non-Blauer
drill again? No, of course not. Tony didn't get where he is today by being closed minded, and
I have no intention of taking that stand. many times, I hear people look at the system and say "Ah, well, some of it's ok, but
it's just common sense". Or "yeah, we do that too...".

Listen...if you haven't studied this stuff in depth, you don't know if you do it or not. The
system is a whole lot more than just a few drills and some neat acronyms. It's a full-fledged,
complete martial way. Moreso than most so called 'complete' arts out there.

I really and truly believe that if you have a problem, somewhere within the TCMS formula,
there's a solution. You just have to look and find it.

Don't just dabble in this stuff...take some time and "find out just how deep the rabbit hole
really goes."

Food for thought.

Jake Steinmann

PDR Team

Nice post Jake and Adam. I had an experience in "real life" using the confrontational management just last week. Just last Friday, because of business conditions, I had to lay 3 people off. I felt crappy about doing this with the economy the way it is, but used the confrontational tools we have. This was their last day. One of my employees shook my hand and said he just got his plumber's license and gave me his new business card. On the back it says, "Hal, thanks for everything." I really didn't expect a thank you from someone who I had to lay off. This stuff really does work in "real" life, not just self defense.

Keep spreading the word.

Hal Pierce - PDR Team

Jake,Adam,Robb and Hal
I couldnt agree more,you gentlemen took the words out
of my mouth.Truley awsome!

James Schirnglone

Excellent post guys.

Some of us are fortune enough to have truly understood Tony's model on Holistic Training.

Jake made a very important comment about always arriving to a solution through the research.

I have been in some very extreme situations with my job as an industrial supervisor. Confrontations of various sorts pop up daily, and I have to be sharp all the time. By using Tony's research, I have taken my martial training and turned it into "life" training. Therefore, I have added another toolbox to my arsenal and it has created a lot of success in my professional life. Not only can I confidently take care of the bad guy on the street, I can also handle the bad guy during a business meeting.

We as martial artists cometimes get trapped in the lineal concept of combat. For example: the words "Tactical Confrontation Management Systems" may conjure up visions of physical combat when read on a martial arts forum, but those thoughts and visions would change if you were a Project Manager with an MBA reading those same words from an advertisement in Forbes.

See what I am getting at??? If we embrace Blauer Tactical for all it is worth, we no longer have boundaries, the possibilities are endless and that is a true sense of empowerment. Hence, "THE POWER OF ONE".

Everything is always a matter of perspective and investigation. We all know that we can take the shortest route to a destination, but think of what we might miss by not taking the time to uncover the others.

Robb Finlayson

PDR Coach


I think it would be safe to say that all of our lives have been changed, for the better, because of Tony Blauer and his tremendous work.

I can't really add anything to what Jake, Adam and Rob have so eloquently stated.

It certainly makes me proud to be a on the PDR team.

Thanks for the thoughts guys and thanks Tony for creating the 'Team'and sharing so freely with all of us.