The radical gospel of Matthew's Jesus pt 2 pt 2

 so the next one is up.  Here I deal with the word virgin, the prophesy of Isaiah and the fact that matt doesn't interpret too good :)


 you treading dangerous groudn brah ! haha

yeah, I know

figured I might cause some trouble, not on purpose, but just with being faithful to the text and the truth


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 so we must be true to what the Christian bible says?

I must be faithful to what I believe to be true

Rev you believe everything in the Christian bible is true?

If so please help me understand this part.....Malachi 4:2...."But unto you that fear my name shall the sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings;..."

I take this as a direct warning about the sun, am i correct?

No the book of Malachi is telling the people of Israel that they are offering worship while living unjustly. They are profaning their covenant with god by basically being hypocrites. Malachi condemns their behavior and says judgement is coming. Then your passage says justice (righteousness) will be "like" the rising of the sun. There will be a new day where all injustice will be wiped away and the powers that be will be judged for their injustice. This has nothing to do with the sun itself.


Malachi 4:2 refers to the judgement in my opinion (when you read 4:1 to 4:3). It's symbolic. The "righteousness" brought by this "sun" includes both judgment on evildoers and reward for those who are righteous in their deeds.

Many times in the Bible, God is referred to as an all consuming light or fire. the sun would be a perfect way to describe His return.

edit: sorry Rev. You explained it well. didnt see you respond before I replied.