The Rampant Epidemic of Anxiety/Depression/Mental Illness prove the Failure of USA style Capitalism?

does the Rampant Epidemic of Anxiety/Depression/Mental Illness PLAGUING the USA PROVE the Failure of the USA Style of Capitalism?


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Henry was referring to very specific capitalists …


Funny, capitalism has literally freed me from all of these things.

I make my own hours, have ample free time, and I’m financially independent. All thanks to capitalism.

It’s almost as if in a capitalist society, one can make their own way through sound decision making and hard work…


No, war comes from brutal faggotry and everything associated with debauchery and immorality.


War usually always involves some element of greed, but it’s never because of free markets lol. It’s almost always because someone is trying to gain control of or manipulate markets in their favor.

The older I get I really believe you’re just a stupid, lazy, pussy if you don’t embrace freedom at every level.


All women would be happy if they went off their diet, lifted weights and got husky fat. The endorphins they got would be better than the pills.

Husky fats also don’t care what skinny bitches are saying about them on social media which is a major cause of depression.

Also if they have a beta make that will supply them with money that is the last piece of the puzzle. No money stresses or having to worry about alphas demanding sex

Well, if things are good for you, I can’t imagine there’s anything more to talk about here.

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I don’t buy into this one, because religion still exists.

Weak, lazy, low functioning people are the usual critics of capitalism.


OP has many houses that he rents. Big Win!

Nope it proves the failure of increasing the amount of socialism.

The best and happiest countries in the world are the most personally free and most economically free.


Increasing scocialist policies, news, and social media are more likely the cause. But they told you it’s everybody else, so that must be true.


Yeah cuz I’m the only one who can manage that.

My dumb ass is the only one who can use this system to benefit himself.

Just me.

Just the caveman who swings hammers for a living.



So, you want us to trade personal greed for greed of the people?



If we stopped racism, people might talk to each other and see what the real problem is. Greedy people. - Richard Pryor

Well, if you want to use more than personal anecdotal evidence, please do. I won’t stop you.