The Rampant Epidemic of Anxiety/Depression/Mental Illness prove the Failure of USA style Capitalism?

Nope it proves the success of Capitalism. You know why you didn’t see these things overwhelmingly in communist/socialist countries? People are so poor and have real struggles and do not need to continually create new ones. In North America especially things are so good that people have to invent problems.


Haven’t almost all of the mass shooters been on antidepressants? That says something

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You go ahead and take advice from completely broken people. Millionaires, at that.


What it says is that the STANDARD OF CARE for a depressed individual will likely be administered to a depressed individual lol

The smarter read on this situation is that mass shooters tend to represent the most severe cohort of depressed and mentally ill individuals and (surprise surprise) that we’re likely to offer the standard of care for depression to the most mentally ill and depressed individuals. So sick of that statistic being bandied around ad nauseum without the obvious context / confounds – and it’s not even really a statistic, as I’ve never seen anyone run the math and actually compare mass shooters year by year.

Also, because we’re already looking at a target demo that is depressed, at risk of suicide, and, generally speaking, often likely to worsen and increase their risk of suicide absent any effective treatment, it becomes difficult to tease apart. The last series of metastudies I remember coming out repeatedly disproved the association between SSRIs and increased risk of suicide, although a very recent one found that if you parse out the sample size to separate by age, adolescents seem to have increased risk of suicidal thought, without any increased risk of actual suicide. It really isn’t as clear as people on here make it sound, and SSRIs can be incredibly effective depending on the person (although I’m admittedly out of touch with SSRI lit).

Honestly, the smart choice is to prescribe it with the knowledge that it carries certain risks and to carefully monitor the individual. It’s the same way opioids should be handled, but instead they often just dump them on patients without any warning or oversight and shit goes wrong. So many issues with the healthcare system moreso than the medication itself, imo.

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Hopefully with psychedelics we’ll enter a new era of medications. Recently read a phase III trial for MDMA-assisted therapy, and it performed amazingly in treating PTSD. At 125mg (which is most definitely a recreationally active dose), they found a similar safety profile to SSRIs and a very large increase in intervention efficacy when comparing MDMA-assisted therapy vs. normal therapy. I can’t remember the relative increase in efficacy, but the MDMA-assisted therapy showed something like a 60% reduction in people that met the criteria for PTSD after only a handful of sessions.

LSD and (bizarrely enough) ketamine also hold some real promise.

Edit: For anyone curious – MDMA-assisted therapy for severe PTSD: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase 3 study | Nature Medicine

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You keep posting this like it’s some kind of dunk on capitalism. It’s the dumbest shit any human has ever said and it has nothing to do with what capitalism actually is. When hyperinflation hits and everyone in the west is eating poodles like it’s noon in shanghai, the world will realize that Keynes was nothing more than statist hustler who understood that the best way to preserve the elite class in society was to create slush fund economics.

It’s truly groundbreaking. Addictions research is seeing similar results with both mdma and psilocybin, although they are used differently. The most efficacious pharmaceutical drug is somewhere in the 5% range, but these psychedelic assisted treatments are up to something like 60% abstinence rates a 6 months out from treatment.

The fact that these substances have been illegal to not only possess and consume, but even research for decades is just another fine example of the government ‘protecting the greater good’.

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Churchill’s quote about democracy always felt appropriate to capitalism as well:

“Democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.…’”

We’ve also never had a purely capitalistic system, and we’ve always had success mixing government policy with free market; I think people sometimes forget how much more socialist the US was throughout the majority of the 1900s. This will always be necessary because of the market failures that inevitably occur in a mature capitalist society, which increasingly prevent proper market functioning, e.g. the impact of gigantic and vertically integrated monopolies, and which increasingly encroach on the domain of government function, e.g. tech oligopolies becoming synonymous with public communications and deciding their own TOS / bans.

Free market is necessary for innovation, but companies are profit-driven and must be reigned in, while government is necessary to rein in the free market, but very often incompetent and incapable of efficiency or innovation (with quite a few exceptions to each case). I like the system as it is, and I think we should continue to tinker with it to maintain healthy markets, e.g. anti-trust, to prevent market failures, e.g. fining to recapture negative externalities like pollution, and to occasionally intervene when profit-driven motives do not align with societal betterment, e.g. as is often seen in healthcare or pharma.

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I thought you’d never ask!!!

90% of new American billionaires are self-made.

In 2016, there were 25 million Americans who were starting or already running their own business.

46% of small business entrepreneurs are between the ages of 41 and 56.

There are 582 million entrepreneurs in the world.

20% of small businesses fail within the first year. That makes for an 80% success rate in that first year! If you can make it that first year, it becomes far easier!

Exactly none of this would be possible without? CAPITALISM!!

Shall I go on?


OP is literally a cartoon character…

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Please go on. I’m just happily surprised you’re not using personal anecdotes. We’re making a lot of good progress here.

And I agree, this sounds good for people who want to run a business and can afford to start one, but we can’t all do that, otherwise no one would have any help as everyone is too busy running a business. But please, go on.

Let’s look at another angle then…

The device you’re typing on… Know what made that possible?

It begins with a c, ends with an m, and has apitalis in the middle.

The car you drive? Same.

The food you eat? Same.

The water in your home? Same.

The list goes on for days.

Exactly everything that people like you take for granted and cannot live without… Capitalism provided that for you.


Wait, are you claiming these things couldn’t have been done without capitalism? I’m not sure how you plan to prove that. You’re very good at making claims without evidence, I’ll give you that much.

And how much of that is subsidized through socialism?


Bingo! People who hate capitalism are too lazy and / or too stupid to be successful in it. We have immigrants coming from all over the world that participate in it and do well. The thing is immigrants aren’t afraid of hard work, they don’t mind doing jobs that some here think are below them or pay too little. Over time they save, they don’t buy fancy shoes, new iphones, or meaningless crap and buy a starter house or start a business.

Anyone can do it if you want to bust your ass, problem here is too many people would rather sit on their ass, drink beer, smoke weed and wait for the handout.

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OP is poor and has a low IQ. Therefore, he hates capitalism and wants free shit. Fuck off commie.


It’s not hard to prove what he’s saying. During the cold war while there was a plethora of cars of different standards of quality, the USSR had the Lada. For the food, while the west had grocery stores all could access with ease (causing obesity) the east had massive shortages and lines for just getting basics. Venezuela had massive shortages and the average person there lost weight due to this. The advances in electronics (TV, radio, computers) all happened in the west, had we relied on socialist countries we’d still be on 386s (probably). Not sure about the plumbing in our homes though.


smart post, well said!

where did I state that I “hate capitalism”?

I simply believe there needs to be SMART regulation and that certain industries like Prisons and Healthcare should not be FOR PROFIT industries and instead should be managed by BIG GOV the same as Police, Fire, Education, Military, and so on…