The Raskal (karasu) is not happy with his service at Popeye's


That’s actually his Huskey Fat GF.

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Don’t call me crazy reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaarh

And that’s why we need asylums.

Yeah, he’s standing under the bottom frame…

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If you happen to find a Popeyes where they address you as ma’am or sir not whatchuwantnigga then you SIR have hit the jackpot. Get your 2 piece and fuck off.


LMFAO at this dude melting down.

Theres our future. This is who we will walk on eggshells around.
I have a bonar the size of king kong when these people start to get curb stomped

Some people have way more patience than I do. At best I’d just shut up and watch until it left. Can’t imagine constantly apologizing like that.

How do I know your not all RasKarasu alts posting in this thread?!?

Perfect post.

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Guaranteed that THING wouldn’t act that way at the Popeyes I used to frequent. Curb stomp would’ve been an understatement.

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lol. He should have went back in after that and told them they forget his red beans.

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Jesus Christ