The Real Deal on Karate..?

OK we all know that Shotokan is garbage.

but Kyokushin has some good stuff that can be blended into MMA or street situations.

Besides Kyokushin are there ANY other styles of Karate that aren't a complete waste of time?

And is Shotokan the most worthless karate style or are there worse?

Here's a small list for you:

I'll just stick with that second one you mentioned

Heres the real question.

Which style is more worthless: Shotokan or TKD?

Now that is one that will keep you up at night.

Good ? magnus. I like option C, all of the above.

Most of the good ones are Kyokushinkai off-shoots.

There's also PKA and WKA styles, basically American kick-boxing.

What about Whyyu Karate?

I'll kick you in the balls Whyyu arent ready.
Yes I know that is gay but I had to.

i did a Kyukoshin off-shoot for a few years(Oyama Karate)made it to brownbelt,then the school closed.

i was left hangin for awhile, but an MMA school just popped up in my area so im doing that now.

The link I posted earlier is only a portion of martial arts out there listed on one web site.  In my own research, I have found over 400 different martial arts around the world so far and there's probably hundreds if not thousands more out there.  One day, when I get the gumption, I'm going to post that list, but I am the king of procrastination after all.

Ahem, was there a meeting I missed?

Shotokan is far from useless.

Or are you just picking fights?

I trained with a bunch of shotokan guys because they train on the same night as my judo club. Every so often we cross train with them. I found their stance terrible and unproductive.. It's very much a point scoring art.

I've met some TKD guys who could put a world of hurt on you, can't say the same about Shotokan.

Honestly , when it comes to TMA's... unless your in your 50's and trained in the 60's - 80's... i dont consider you as really knowing anything worth knowing

people who trained during that time in America were some bad asses tho... the golden age martial arts in America so to speak

Most tough TMAists I know are 60+ and were trained in other countries.

As for shotokan v. TKD, I'd pick TKD over shotokan. Even though TKD drops it's hands and wears the body armour, at least there's still sparring and some of it at full power.

TKD over Shotokan? You guys are crazy.

Almost every form of TMA is no good,because of the teacher.Most teachers dont push students.They dont want to take the chances on loosing them,because then they loose money.My first instructor was teaching Tang Soo Do.(similar to shotokan)He would let everyone test weather you were horrible or not.He would always pass everybody,nobdy ever failed.He would do it just to try to get more Black belts.1st degree $300,2nd degree $500,3rd degree $750,4th degree $1000,5th degree $1500.It was just a money scam.It was a joke I was there for about 3 months and in sparring I pretty much had my way with everyone there(blck belts included).Its not that I was great they just couldnt fight.It could have been a very good school if he would have taught things that happen in a real situation,instead of forms.Teachers are a huge when selecting a school.Its more about the teacher than the art form.

"No wonder your boxing is so shit."

Considering that you do not know me, that is a silly statement.

Daido Juku Karate

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Daido Juku Kudo

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Ashihara/Enshin Karate

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"Its more about the teacher than the art form."

This is true. I trained at a Shotokan school for a few years in the early 90's, and we regularly sparred full contact, including leg kicks.