The REAL Hvy weight Grand Prix...

Should have been:

Ricco Vs. Josh Barnett

Sylvia vs Fedor

Arlovski vs Cro Cop

Coleman vs Herring

Nog vs Randleman

Schilt vs Mcgee (good match making there)

Ogawa Vs. Yoshida (gold vs silver)

Rizzo vs Sapp

Thats my dream 16 man hvyweight tourny.

I'd wager on Barnett, Fedor or Nog, with Arlovski as a good underdog bet.


dream 16 man tournament that has McGee? Come on!! Even Mir or Cabbage would be a better choice.

Mir is a good chioce, but he's got awful cardio. I wouldn't put him in any kind of tournament... Truthfully i think he'd lose to every one i listed except maybe Schilt.

Mcgee, Is HUGE, and good. He belonged in there. Still surprised he lost to Schilt.

i just re-read this, and i don't hate Semi Schilt, but his length plays against him vs good submission guys.


I don't think I would have included Randleman in there up until he
KOed Crocop.

Take out McGee, Rizzo, & Ricco and I'd replace them with Fujita,
Jerome LeBanner & Gilbert Yvel... or Ausserio Silva


McGee looked horrible against Shilt, The guy got outstruck while he had mount.

I was thoroughly impressed with Gan after he got mount...but was then laughing my ass of at him after he didn't seem to have any sort of a clue what to do once he was there.

Who should Gan train with? He's got natural size in his favor, but doesn't appear to show a whole lot of athleticism or killer instinct.

Excitement factor over experience/credentials.

Accomplished much? Fujita has been in there with some of the top
fighters and deserved to be in the tournament, (faught Crocop
twice, gave Fedor a great fight, beat Mark Kerr 4 years ago when
he was still in his prime, beat Ken Shamrock, beat Gilbert Yvel)

Jerome LeBanner just because he's an elite K1 fighter who would
be an interesting draw. (He would have been a better choice than

Gilbert Yvel and Ausserio Silva could bring excitement to any

I really am not impressed by McGee, Ricco bores me to tears, and
Rizzo is still a good fighter and I wouldn't mind seeing him in

I think you need Igor in there somehow.

Noone mentioned Tank....

I agree with Superfly.