The REAL Kumite!

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surely someone had a video camera?

Benny is the fighter Bruce Lee fanboys wish Bruce was.


Kumite means sparring in Japanese. There’s no such tournament called “kumite.” It was made up by that kook dux.

The alleged “kumite” Benny fought in:

^that can’t be it…that fight looked a little more smiley than the traumatic death-match which was described in the VikingSamurai interview…and also I got the impression in that interview that they were fighting BARE-Fisted?

Israel has nothing for this guy

That is THE fight. Benny exaggerated the story.

I’m really starting to wonder about the LeBell Gang(JoeLewis, BillWallace, DonWilson…)maybe those stories of beating up Bruce Lee and Seagal didn’t quite go down as rumored on MMA message boards?..and LOL @ Don Wilson having the AUDACITY to challenge JCVD when JCVD was in the League of Arnold and Stallone!

who cam first, Benny the Jet or Benny and the Jets?

Benny didnt respect that guy at all…just waded through his shots and blasted him.

Benny took it easy on him.

^some of those shots looked to have some Salt&Pepper on them