The REAL path to reducing gun violence

first, biden/harris introduces the first step to reduction of the original pandemic which is gun related violence. while it wasn’t as expansive as we hoped, it’s a start. the reality is, ppl who are pro anti violence are now learning the more realistic ways of getting rid of guns. if you try and BAN guns, this is not a reality in america. there are too many in circulation. gun owners tend to be passionate and violent and could stoke unwanted reactions.

the REAL path is to treat them how the people treat cigarettes. you shame the fuck out of ownership. you make it cost prohibitive for most users. guns, gun parts, gun cleaning products, and ammunition itself all include a sin tax. a way to reduce “second hand smoke” effects just like it worked for cigarettes. limit the areas even allowed to fire a gun. look how much less america smokes within a SINGLE generation. now you are looked at as disgusting. the SAME could and will apply as gun ownership. you are just looked at as a vile piece of shit. it will work on the upper class. the lower class and minorities will simply be priced out.

this is the only way. places like the uk, canada, australia, and new zealand are pointing and laughing at america. it worked there. it can work in america. TREAT THEM LIKE CIGARETTES. change the very nature of gun culture just like tobacco culture.

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I still have an AR and handguns…fucko…

And just like America, the vast majority of gun violence in Canada is committed in inner cities with illegal firearms…

Get a clue…


Brilliant comrade.

You’re almost there.

I fixed a few things for you.

TOTALLY squash the rights of the people you disagree with.

Then squash them until they’re forced to conform.

Then EVERYONE will obey…

This is now a hot girls with guns thread.


:rofl: @ that hippie faggotry. “Shame them like cigarettes!” :joy: Because cigarettes cease to exist now…? Yeah, urban criminal shitheads are gonna give a fuck what some random fuckwad thinks about them having guns and since they are the ones who commit virtually all gun crimes, that gayness will work about as good as the “Gun Free Zone” signs.

Is this treatment to be invoked on gun owners of all races?you know, like “teens” too?

Banning black and puerto rican men under the age of 30 would do a lot more to reduce gun violence than any those things.

But that would be racist and sexist. Plus it wouldn’t be fair to the non-criminal black and puerto rican men under the age of 30.

OP, your bitch ass is welcome to swing by and try to take my guns anytime you feel like it.

the r/politics thread about Biden’s words had them walking down the logic of gun owner > conservative > racist > mentally unstable > mentally ill > racist, conservative, gun owners are mentally ill and should be red flagged.

Once all guns are banned, all us bowhunters are moving on up!

How to spark a revolt by sir dumbass OP!