The real reason Rampage is leaving UFC

I think all of his talk about not getting UFC’s “respect”-that it’s not about money is a smoke screen. It’s probably partially true but I think there’s a bigger reason. I believe he still DOES want to make a lot of money-just not train as hard. I think he realizes that he doesn’t have the motivation to train as hard as rest of the UFC fighters. His body can’t take the hard training that others do even if he WAS motivated. He doesn’t want to invest in time and money for quality training that other fighters do. But he wants the money.
So that’s why he is looking at boxing, other MMA organizations, and maybe even pro wrestling. He might take some pay cuts but he won’t have to train as much. Well boxing he will have to train but I don’t know what venue he is thinking of.
If he is thinking about those options I mentioned above, he can’ t admit that he is not going to train as hard because that will hurt his brand for his future endeavor. We all know Rampage hates training and he has publicly said so but he has never said he is going to cut down on his training but still wants maximum amount of money possible with the reduced training.
I was a fan and I hope he is happy in whatever he decided to do though.

he will take one freakshow boxing match like kimbo, a small mma show will go broke getting him to fight a can where he will lose, then its back to king of the cage where he started.

I miss Rampage already.

Fucking post-fight interview made me all oniony.