The Real Reasons For Increased Blood Clots / Heart Attacks / Sudden Death / Infertility etc

What about the athletes and olympians in superb health that have bitten it?


I’m still shocked by how many people got the shot in western counties where so many people are afraid to eat gluten, sugar, meat and have all these goofy diets and restrictions. Then you go out and inject something you know absolutely nothing about into your body. It’s quite remarkable.


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Yeah I’m one of those people… Not afraid of meat but super super careful with my diet, only eat grass fed beef, wild fish, etc i basically eat like 3-4 pounds of organic fruit and vegetables a day and eat nothing processed, always buy natural hygiene products, household cleaners, won’t use chemical sunscreens, etc… Kind of a hippy that way trying to live as clean of a life as possible…

The funny thing to me is i know lots of people like that… Yet a few of them are all on board with COVID vaccines. I know a woman who never got her kid vaccinated with normal childhood vaccines… Yet she got the COVID vaccine… i don’t even understand that.


We all know that unborn babies are in the highest risk group for blood clots and strokes

Ees normal


That baby just needs to listen to some Jocko Willinck:

“Retard whore mother takes a clot shot and you lose your arm at 10 days old? GOOD.”


Looney by name looney by nature, he was debunked a long time ago. His figures never resembled anything from the recorded health boards and the Office of National Statistics but to make it even better he was a very prominant anti vaxer who said covid never existed. He ended up in ICU with covid and changed his tune. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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What underlying/unknown conditions did they have?

I’m sure not saying bad vax reactions are impossible because you inject something into the body and you do not know 100% what’s gonna happen.

But if the vax was a dangerous as some say we ahould be tripping over the bodies by now


30% increases in sudden deaths is tripping over the bodies dude.


I think the fact just about every reason behind blood clots were reported in the media and scientific journals over the last 40 odd years should be a clue they are clutching at straws blaming the vaccine, especially when the case ratios are higher in many people that caught covid and were unvaccinated.

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Are you excited for your next round of boosters? Stay safe man, go get them ASAP!!!


So where are they all?

30% of the people i know have not dropped dead suddenly.

In fact, the only “sudden” death in my circle was someone who was over 300lbs and had heart failure

If we list all the ridiculous MSM nonsense on this subject it will be the longest thread ever.


Best wait a year then before some idiots that think they know better than the experts plucks a reason out of their butt.

Lol can you reread what i posted.

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Ok wtf. You go to the dentist with a toothache and they tell you you have infection and need to have it pulled, you get that shit done right then.

I recently went through it with my back bottom molar. Had a root canal and crown and 6 months later the thing was hurting so bad. My entire jaw. Went to dentist, he told me what’s up, I said let’s pull it now. Took about 10 mins.

Only thing I’m pissed about is paying those fucks for the root canal and Crowne and still losing the tooth in such a short time.

If only there wasn’t a thing called covid which affects all the organs of the body and has been proven to push those living with comorbidities over the edge.

Unless they’re vaccinated, right?!