The Real Reasons For Increased Blood Clots / Heart Attacks / Sudden Death / Infertility etc

So you are not the average American wrt health.


If you think health insurance companies are not passing on increased costs for covering people to our employers who are then passing them on to us then I got beachfront property in Idaho to sell ya

OK, but you said your insurance was going up to treat diseases that I don’t have, when I also have my own insurance.

Again, this makes no fucking sense.

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For all you know we are using the same health insurance company.

Even if we aren’t, there are already a whole lot of unhealthy people on our respective insurance plans.

They make claims and the cost of those claims ultimately roll down to us.

But again, my health currently has no effect whatsoever on your insurance premiums. I feel like I’m communicating to a 2 year old here.


And then I said the cost of the sick (even if you aren’t one of them)are still getting passed on to everyone who has health insurance because the insurance companies will not take a loss

If we’re both go to great lengths to keep ourselves healthy then at least i got a problem making up the cost of some slob who doesn’t

GTFOH, Dr. Faggot


lmao most western countries haven’t had replacement fertility levels since the 70’s. You are really reaching here

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Things that have been with us forever are the root cause of the sudden spike in deaths. Not the new thing we just got in 2020 and were mandated to receive.
Amazing how all these various studies and research about all these things we’ve had forever all drops at once. Definitely not a coincidence.
Still a pure blood, bitches.


You’ve been watching too many antivax podcasts, the only part of your post that is technically correct is when Fauci said if you get vaccinated you won’t catch covid but that was jumped on within seconds by every single immunologist out there including the quacks.

I completely ignore the media, I listen to immunologists and virologists with expertise in this field, everyone highlighted no vaccine is 100% effective, covid predominantly kills those with comorbidities but if everyone doesn’t get vaccinated it will allow the virus to mutate into possibly something much more dangerous and guess what, all vaccines have side effects but they are weighed up against the general risk in the population nd pretty much all said a database will be required of vaccine status to monitor th effectiveness of the vaccine. The science has shown that masks and lockdowns work, it’s just that in many places lots of people ignored those mandates and allowed the virus to keep spreading. It’s like saying Life Jackets don’t work because where they were compulsory ten non swimmers jumped into the sea without them and drowned.

Watch your insurance premiums increase over the next year and certain ailments getting removed from coverage, as for being in good shape and not overweight hundreds of thousands of so called fit people have died in the US alone from and with covid.

Explain the massive increase in 2020 before any vaccines were rolled out or why every single event they blame on the vaccine has studies on going back decades, as for being a pure blood, grow up you’re not in kindergarten now ( or are you ) many unvaccinated have had covid or multiple childhood vaccines.

Prove this…and factor in age too…

“FROM AND WITH COVID!!!” way to choose your words carefully…

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LOL @ Snowy790 as usual


Unless you’ve been lving under a rock you must have mised the fact that in 2020, 350,831 people of all ages died of covid. Many were athletes.

Again in 2020 the following occured just in one university.

In a particularly concerning study, 26 athletes from Ohio State University with confirmed Covid-19 underwent heart testing. Of those tested, 46% were mildly symptomatic for Covid-19 and the other 54% were asymptomatic. All of their labs and electrocardiograms were normal. Yet, using a much more expensive test known as a Cardiac MRI (CMR), 46% showed heart abnormalities, and 15% met the criteria for myocarditis.

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