The Real Reasons For Increased Blood Clots / Heart Attacks / Sudden Death / Infertility etc

Lol okay then just flat out lie… You know we can just look at everything that was posted on Twitter, news, forums, blogs, hell even scientific journals… Why are you lying?

your analogy is completely fucking retarded. if someone else is wearing a life vest, and I’m not, it isn’t gonna increase their chances of drowning. god damn bot.


Thank God we got the snowball to fact check everything.

Google is your friend but a quick 5 seconds threw up Christophe Pras a professional rugby player who died of covid before vaccines, John Eyers professional bodybuilder, Alex Apilanaro professional footballer at 24yrs old and many more.

Back away from the Kool Aid.

Then you’ll know you were talking out of your butt.

You may very well be referring to some legitimate studies explaining an increase in deaths pre-Covid 19. All valid, I’m sure. My comments were in response to the various headlines posted that are mostly dated 2022 and identify pretty common things that are suddenly deadly. The timing and subjects of these headlines dovetailing with a world wide vaccination is pretty uncanny. But I know nothing of the legitimacy of the studies they reference. It’s just funny to me. Not funny that people die, of course.
Are you this miserable in real life or just here?
Would it make you feel better if we all acknowledged that you science harder than we do?


Fuck this echo chamber thread. Later lib fags!

I’m happy to take in all sources but I cross reference them. We all know there’s money to be made on both sides of the fence and also economies to be screwed by spreading false information and prolonging the pandemic but when someone posts a headline making exagerated claims without checking it says more about them than the anything else.

We’ve had headlines saying 100% of Pfizers profits come from the government yet the general public buy billions of dollars worth of their treatments annualy with no input from the government, quotes that sudden death syndrome is a new thing when there’s literally studies going back decades, athletes dropping dead with no current autopsy yet the antivaxers know it was the vaccine but suddenly going quiet when it turns out they weren’t vaccinated, antivax experts showing charts on social media showing an event that was meant to have been taken from a study yet when you look at the study the charts are different yet they give them a pass on it and still believe them. Fauci says you can’t catch covid if vaccinated and then back peddles and he’s savaged yet another scientists says if you take Ivermectin it’s a miracle cure, you can’t catch covid and it’ll cure you, he then goes on to catch covid and people still quote him as an expert. They can’t even see how biased they are.

I just wish people had the intelligence before posting something to look at the opposite side first to see if they are going to post misinformation

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Hey Snowjob 790 - do you agree with America and other governments declaring monkey pox a national public health emergency? Not to mention the WHO declaring it a global health emergency?

And will you be lining up for the vaccine?

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All down to case numbers, so far it’s not an issue for me but some states in the US are already seeing a lot of cases, only time will tell.

Vanity more than commonsense will force people to get vaccinated as it can leave permanent scarring. It tends not to be a big killer but with so many people already having underlying issues due to covid it could go either way.


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That’s not that many…

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Just read up on it, this is their way of releasing funds for the treatment and prevention so just a formality. There’s over 7k cases now in the US spread amongst multiple counties that had zero cases last month so it’s certainly taking off.

I’m just waiting on the vaccine containing poisons, magnets and tracking devices but if you take Ivermecin especialy the animal variant you’ll be fine.

why would i back away from the koolaid. it tastes great. what also tastes great is the thought of you having a slow death. preferably from koolaid boarding.

You guys should stop conversing with @Snowy790… like what’s the point. This troll account was created in December 2021 and has posted on almost exclusively covid (mostly about vaccine) threads since it was created. It’s not even like the typical far left alts that post on all far left talking points… this one is just covid. Although there are like 3 posts about his mail order Filipino bride.


It’s a bot or a paid shill. Those are literally the only options.