The real World Series result in this thread

No jinx, no fucking around

Cubs beat Astros in 6 games Phone Post 3.0

Pirates no chance tonight Phone Post 3.0

Back to the Future called it 30 years ago.... but my Cards take it. Phone Post 3.0

But what if..... Phone Post 3.0

Cubs lose to Jays in 6, but they do worry me, Cubbies are the only team I see with a chance to beat the Jays.

Cubs were lock tonight because Lester vs lackey game one is already written Phone Post 3.0

Settled...putting my life savings on the astros

Thanks gritty lol

Res ipsa loquitar - 

and cubs are done.

Solid work


Convey your thoughts a little better.

Jays will sweep their way to the World Series, then sweep the World Series Phone Post 3.0

Are your other 64 posts this crazy?

ThePundit - Thank god gritty didn't curse the Jays with a nod to them! Phone Post 3.0
I have a seperate thread on that ! Phone Post 3.0

Res ipsa loquitar - 

and cubs are done.

Solid work

and cubs are done


Was gonna say 4-1 tonight too.

This was too easy. Hope Lester takes care of scumbag lackey Phone Post 3.0

Don't have tv. Jake go apeshit after final out? Phone Post 3.0