The Reason I don't Like David Hogg

This is a kid that aspires to be a journalist and claims to be aware and yet is being a stooge for a propaganda network like CNN. I don't understand how anyone young white man with internet access would side with an element that is fundamentally opposed to your existence. I guess I understand why the bald headed dyke is a part of it,she's high up in the pecking order of their new society. Enjoy you 15 minutes faggot.

Dude blamed the Governor for the Sheriff's Deputies failing to act.

He's obviously not very smart, and the longer he remains a public figure, eventually you are going to see even someone like Jake Tapper on CNN fact-checking the dude live on air, like he did the Sheriff.



Anything he says is going to be politically motivated. There were thousands of student so why is it only his ilk are being interviewed,was he even in the same building or section of campus when it happened? What about peter wang who actually lost his life,he was in Rotc and I doubt he would be onboard for gun confiscation. Why should hogg be the spokesman for everyone. I hope another student confronts him before the school year is up.

If he happens to not be a brainwashed lunatic, he'll cringe everyday for the rest of his life about things he did and thought at the age of 14. But, I'd bet on the former

Very cringey kid. HEY MY FRIENDS DIED OK I DESERVE TO BE FAMOUS. Weird culture we live in now.

He's a puppet. CNN is pulling the strings. Pathetic little twat is so eager to please his employers that he gives tons of tells.

His bloodmoney is Twitter followers and an internship to CNN I bet. We all went to school with fucks like this,aren't there any "bad" kids to give him a smack.

VectorWega - 

I don't like him because he's a white male.  He was born with the privilege, no different than Trump.

That's right kill them cracka as crackas!

 He's sullying Boss Hogg's good name. 

Propaganda stooge is the definition of journalist these days. 

Trust -

He's uninformed, outspoken despite his ignorance, and willing to overlook readily observable facts. 

He'll fit right in at CNN. 

Pretty much

Where do you guys get your news from?