the reason noah will lose (pic)

noah is going to lose on tuf cause he has not had the advantage of training with a fully inflated basketball.  as a result, he is going to drop his front hand and get caught with the most wicked left hook in history.

if only the evil tait didnt suggest to jesse forbes to slice the ball

Dammitt Brent!!

had to do it.

oh christ!!

Tait you are not seriously a youth mentor are you?

Is your shirt pink, Brent???


^^^You had to ruin it.


The basketball blocking drill will now be a staple in Team Unicorn's workouts.

lol at that gif


My advice to Tait: Don't confide in mildly retarded post whores from the ug .. they'll immediately run and spill the beans because they're super attention whores.


The guy in that pic has no muscles, a bloatd face and a receeding hairline!

Well, if he were to drop his front hand, he would get caught with the most wicked "right" hook in history, not left hook, right?

Right! ;-)

are you certain your not a Downs Syndrome type person checkuroil?

Wow. That was unexpected and quite funny.

I love your cute pink polo, BTW.

makes 'call me' gesture

He looks, to me, like he just has a fat neck/head. I've wondered why he looks so fat with all the rolling he does. Again, it's probably just his head that's causing the illusion.

We'll know soon, i'm sure. After the posting of the pink shirt it's only a matter of time before we see some shirtless/well-oiled pics.