the reason noah will lose (pic)

He kinda looks like BJ Penn, the fat BJ Penn.

Noah is good, CUO looks like a pig, that was my point.

From: checkuroil

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    <p>since alot of you wanted to see the results from juicing, i am posting the results here. i am not going into what exactly i cycled and so forth, but i will say i had a doctors prescription and it was all done legally.</p>  <p>here i am one year ago when i started my first cycle. i was 155 pounds.&nbsp; i put up 150 pounds on the bench 3 times and I could do fifteen pullups in a row.&nbsp; i was not particularly strong for my weight.</p>  <p><img alt="" src="" border="0" height="450" width="387"></p>  <p>here i am a couple of weeks ago.&nbsp; i now weigh 196 pounds. i put up 280 pounds on the bench three times, and i can do 10 weighted pullups with two twenty five pound plates strapped to my waist.(i am the guy flexing on the right)</p>  <p><img alt="" src="" border="0" height="338" width="450"></p>  <p>&nbsp;</p>  <p>&nbsp;</p>

That second picture pretty much shows nothing other than some dude flexing in a loose button up shirt.

CUO, you look like a youth minister in that first shot, which shows that Jesus really does blow at MMA.

is that second pic a gay Downs Syndrome convention?

im the homo, yet the only thing that you guys talk about is how i look?

I, personally, did not call you a homo. I just complimented your shirt. BTW, do you know where I can get good johnny-cakes in the LA area?

if johnny cakes are pancakes, then i suggest you  go to john o groates on pico and patricia four blocks east of overland.

I'm really disappointed no one got my johnny-cakes joke.

No Soprano's fans up in this bitch.

i love that gif

Only southpaws are in danger of the LEFT hook when they drop the lead hand. Still dangerous, but wrong side buddy.

Nice pink shirt........Where's the unicorn logo?