The Recovery Thread

good post everybody. Here's my two cents:

- my supplements are pretty crucial to my recovery. amino acids, vitamins, GLUTAMINE (after workout and before bed), whey protein, etc. I just keep my body as well fueled as possible, so that it can work properly after what torture I put it through.

- If I'm feeling run down, but not sick enough to actually skip training, I train "lazy". For resistance training, I leave two-three reps in the tank, as opposed to going to failure. For stand-up, I go slow, even if my instructor tells me to work a little harder. For ground, I go light, let myself get tapped, etc.

- This may sound hokey, but I do my best not to get worked up on my rest days. I do my best not to get stressed, or upset, I watch my heart-rate, etc. I walk slowly, move slowly, take deep breaths, just so that my body is not in a "fight or flight" state, even when I'm supposed to be resting.

- sleep, sleep, sleep. On weekends I nap twice during the day, before going to bed.

- I got this from John Berardi from if you're eating 5-6 meals a day, make 2 or 3 of those meals contain simple-sugar carbs (bread, pasta, rice, etc.) so that your glycogen reserves in your liver are not constantly decreased (a symptom of "overreaching", the precedent to overtraining).


Beer, wings, tits, and kung fu movies.

My uncle had a 40 resting heart rate (at age 50), he was a swimmer. I don't think 40 is too low if you are in great shape.

Recovery for me:

Eating well, trying not to stay up until 4:00am whenever possible, contrast baths (hot-cold-repeat).

Main thing for me: if I'm extremely sore, go light in the gym. It helps me more than not showing up at all, especially from a motivational point.


trying eating more pre and post workout too and see if that helps you..

make sure to get long lasting carbs in after your workout in at least the next two meals along with lots of protein and see if it makes your recovery easier..

I mentioned a few things in the minimizing recovery thread. I would also suggest glucosamine and chondroiton supplementation. To be totally honest, a proper steroid cycle is probably the most effective way to get great recovery, but of course it can make other problems for you.

If you workout mon, tues, thurs, fri would doing a scrapper workout on Saturday be a good way of recovery, if not would it harm recovery come monday, or would it help with endurance etc.