The rematch we've all been dying to see and talking about is on! With BJ Penn out, Junie Browning has stepped up and will be fighting Cole Miller.

I really hope this is true. Phone Post 3.0

Was that the rematch you were waiting for? Phone Post 3.0

Cole's had unfortunate circumstances his last couple of "big" fights. Supposed to fight Conor, gets injured. Supposed to fight BJ, BJ intravenously hydrates himself WEEKS before the fight. Phone Post 3.0

Interim title?? It better be!

not sure if serious

King Trav - 

Interim title?? It better be!

I think Stipe has to be stripped due to it will be for his undisputed belt.

King Trav -

Interim title?? It better be!

Not even interim! FOR THE TITLE! 



Ha ha, I still have Junies gloves/trunks and banner from the first fight.  I always wanted to get Cole to sign it something like "you got choked the fuck out"