The Return of Brock Lesnar

When Brock Lesnar gave notice of his intentions of leaving WWE shortly before Wrestlemania 20 it caused major problems for the Smackdown brand. Eddy Guerrero's major title program was changed from JBL. Many claim this effectively killed Eddy's chance to draw on top and killed his run due to having such a weak program to draw from.

Smackdown ratings were sent into a tail spin. While top stars like Kurt Angle and Big Show were already planned for time off to recover for injuries, WWE was counting on Brock to help plug the gap while working with Eddy and Undertaker. His absence sent ratings crashing and put creative in a deep hole. It wasn't until the Tough Enough segments began in October that ratings finally turned the corner.

The last time Brock was seen in a WWE ring was Wrestlemania 20, where he was jobbed out to Goldberg with the fans bashing him on a personal level. Now months later after the NFL thing didn't work out and money's running dry...Brock Lesnar wants back in.

Should Brock just be handed an easy pay day and handed a spot in next month's Royal Rumble? Should his behavior be rewarded with a top spot at Wrestlemania? Or should he be forced to work his way up the ladder, proving he's loyal to the profession before WWE invests television and creative capital in promoting him again? Vince went so far as to have a rookie Brock go over 'cleanly' against The Rock, Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle and The Big Show...just to have all that creative investment thrown back in his face. Vince has to literally ignore months and months of footage involving a performer who's investment is no longer a benefit to the company.

Is Brock Lesnar worth the risk of giving another top level opportunity to when others on the roster prove their loyalty day in and day out? Can his level of commitment be trusted? Should he be made to prove himself even if the easy money short term says position him strong immediately?

From both a fan and a business perspective, how would you like to see the impending return of Brock Lesnar handled...if at all?

His match at WM20 was one of the worst I've ever seen. OK, it was with Goldberg, so that doesnt help, but still...

Loyalty is very important, and it would be good for him to have to earn some back from Vince. But it would be difficult creatively to have him in a weak position, as it would clash with his character from before.

Would he still be a big draw if he came back? If he would be massively over, then its a hard decision Vince has to face. I dont thnk he would be though.

Tough call.... My gut is that Lesnar would be a big draw if he returns.

I wouldn't put him directly back into the title hunt, but instead have himw work say w/ John Cena in a US title program. Yeah, some guys may be pissed and such, but there are things to consider :

1, Lesnar was still young, so a bit of immaturity is to be expected (in terms of making rash decisions). If Vince dealt w/ all of the bs Sean Michaels pulled for so damn long ("Lost my smile", wtf? Michaels was THE guy then and they didn't have anybody else who could fill his role unlike today) then Lesnar wanting to try out for the NFL is shortcakes.

2, whether you love or hate him, he is a big man w/ athleticism and good in ring skills. Given Vince's big man fetish, this is the FIRST time in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time he actually has a big guy who can actually gasps wrestle! The next nearest guy to that is Batista, and he is maybe half as good as Lesnar is now. There won't be another big guy that good in the next 20 yrs probably, so Vince should be lucky he has a guy who can do the things he does.

it seems to me like vince put all his eggs in one basket.....the result would have been the same, basically, had brock been injured....should brock be punished if he returns....sould he be on the top right away???? no, but he can still draw.....

bring him back in a mask.......there is a punishment....

They brought Steve Austin back and he up and walked with no notice at all. Brock gave notice and did the job on the way out the door. Bring Brock back as long as he doesn't have Sable whispering in his ear.

Forgot about the Sable thing. Mcmahon even brought in Eric Bischoff, so lesnar shouldn't be that big of a deal. he even brought in Hall, nash and Hogan. For Vinnie it's all about the money, and lesnar back can only help.

Hey if Vince can forgive Sable, he can forgive Brock.

Sable took Vince for over 50 million with her lawsuit and he still brought her back in. WTF???

If it helps business, which it will, then bring him back.

Everybody stands to make money, if business is up.

There will be a lot of people who won't like it if he gets pushed fast, though.

I agree w/ Franky & mteub. Bring brock back in a mask & have him kick much ass. he gets demasked & fired. vince makes him do some impossible task to earn his job back and he succeeds. Brock HAS to be a wrecking machine or bringing him back wont do anyone any good.

"bring him back in a mask.......there is a punishment...."


Yeah, put him in a Black Scorpion angle, or make him come back as
The Brock Machine.

would it be in bad taste to have Brock come back as the blue blazer?

Maybe they should have been more prepared and pushed other stars aswell.

Have Vince force him to strip down to black lingerie and bark like a dog on Smackdown. Trish had to do it.

One thing we need to remember is that upon leaving Brock did job to Goldberg and Stone Cold where some guys could have said "Screw you, I'm not losing to Golberg." He could have just left, leaving WWE high and dry. He did give proper notice to pursue his dream. He did show some respect by losing cleanly like Nash did to Taker and Michaels prior to going to WCW. I say bring him back but be carful with promoting him too quick.

With regards to Brock giving notice and doing the job to Goldberg, bear in mind his payoff from the Wrestlemania match with Goldberg was just below 7 figures. He would have been a fool NOT to have gone through with that type of payoff for 10 minutes of work. It was very much in his own interest to wait until AFTER Vince had already invested considerable time and money in promoting the match with Goldberg before deciding to leave directly after the big payday. With the size of the gate for Wrestlemania 20 There was no comparable payoff in his future for at least another year if ever.

Now had Lesnar offered to stay a few extra weeks to give back to the company that created him things could be different. After everything that was done for him, putting over Eddy Guerrero at the next Smackdown PPV surely wasn't too much to expect. Had he been truly appreciative of everything that was done for him, one would expect for him to do what was good for the business and in the interest of those who worked so hard to make him a star. Yet he turned this down and walked. Brock choose to get his WM check, hit the bricks and then hit the media circuit and bash the pro wrestling industry that made him famous.

His choices are what they are. From Vince, down to all the guys in the back who worked to make him what he is...none of whom were even an afterthought when Brock decided to leave. When it came to giving back Brock couldn't have cared less.

It's not about 'forgiveness' it's about the issue of making the company vulnerable again. Six months worth of damage was done for trusting someone who choose not to come through to his level of his status and responsibility. Were he ever again placed in a prominent position and the time came when it required him to sacrifice for the good of the company at his own expense, do you honestly think you could count on Brock Lesnar?

There are no easy answers, and a case and counter argument on how to handle the Brock issue could be made intelligently either way. Yet the idea that the way he left was as an asset doesn't square with the facts. As the old saying goes, fool me once shame on you...fool me twice shame on me!

I could have sworn that when brock left, both JR and Vince said he was welcome to come back should he decide to. Am I wrong?

No doubt he's an asset. Yet he's also a tremendous risk. Brock is not someone who was able to turn business around by himself. He's not on the level of a Hulk Hogan or a Steve Austin..few are, but it's worth understanding in terms of perspective.

If you look at Smackdown brand buyrates, ratings and house show attendance you will see business continued to decline during his stint. By no means is that his fault...but it's important to realize when discussing his true worth to the company.

The key with him is his potential. He has every possible asset you could want in a potential star. He has size, athleticism and a rare physical charisma that really can't be taught. He has tremendous upside due to his youth.

Yet not everyone has what it takes as a person to be trusted with the level of responsibility to be in a top spot. Guys like Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Undertaker and Triple H struggled for years before getting their big break. These are men who work hurt, travel, do the media work and perform everything above and beyond the call of duty. While they look out for their own interests, they have a proven track record of being dependable to a fault to the company.

Once in a while you get someone like The Rock who breaks through at a young age and develops the type of maturity to be an asset in every way. Yet most of the time guys with little experience who rise quickly turn out like a Goldberg or Ultimate Warrior...and once they're exposed as undependable, a smart promoter never makes himself vulnerable again. They get used, but never with full confidence.

Right mow Brock is viewed as an Ultimate Warrior/Goldberg type. He's viewed as a flake by both the office and the boys. It will be an uphill battle to change that perception and the odds are against him.

Make him appear on Raw and Smackdown!!..Let him on all the shows to see if he has the work ethic to want to wrestle again!..Don't baby him his ass off till he proves he wants to be there!!

lol, I doubt TNA has the type of loot (long term wise) that Brock would even want to consider going there. I think Wolfdeth is correct though, make him work his ass off to prove he wants to be there.