The Return of Brock Lesnar

Just to put things in perspective, here's a recap of a Brock Lesnar appearance on ESPN Sports Center from June. Now note, this wasn't a wrestling promo, this was Brock Lesnar the person choosing to speak out about the company and profession that made him famous. You can draw your own conclusions as to how appreciatively he was to the business.

"On ESPN SportsCenter today, Brock Lesnar said he wished he never went to WWE. Lesnar said he went to WWE after college because he thought it would be a quick path to fame and riches, but that he now wishes he had gone straight to the NFL. Lesnar also again denied doing steroids."

The above comment speaks for itself. When people mention how the NFL tryout publicity could have been good for WWE in theory I fully agree. Yet in execution, Brock chose to present pro wrestling as something of a joke that he regretted being a part of. This was not 'good publicity' and it's obvious Brock could care less about the best interests of the profession that made him famous.

In media appearance after appearance Brock Lesnar chose to label the pro wrestling industry as 'embarrassing' and claimed he wished he never participated in a 'fake sport'. I find it strange that someone who publicly claims only a few months ago that he wished he 'never did pro wrestling' all of a sudden wants back in, as if his actions do not come with consequences.

It would be interesting to see how Brock explains just 'why' he chose to bash the profession publicly on media campaigns when the spotlight was created for him solely BECAUSE he was a famous pro wrestler, thanks to the hard work of the people and process he's embarrassed by. It would be especially interesting to see him explain this to those in the locker room he now expects to once again 'help' him travel along the 'quick path to fame and riches'. Good luck with that!

Lesnar would draw. Give me a fucking break they have JBL as the smackdown champion. He's a fucking idiot and Lesnar would draw 100X better then him.

This shouldn't even be a question. Bring him back. They brought Micheals back, who while arguably the best performer in history, wasn't nearly a big of star in the fans eyes as he was in Vince's, and he pulled all kinds of shit.

If they brought back Sable after she actually sued them, they should bring him back.

Hmm, I posted befopre I saw McCandy's post on his
"fake sport" bashing. That does make it alot different. But if Vinnie brought Hogan back after testifying against him in federal court, well, like they say, anything is possible in the WWF.

Bring him back

Smackdown has sucked since he left.

Despite what he's done through his pro wrestling bashing, i think WWE are faced with a very rare opportunity here to create an interesting storyline by doing what they failed to do with the angle-puder scenario, and that's play off the truth.

Have Brock come back acting like a big shot, but that he's only back for the money, and have him be resentful of his NFL failure and being forced back into something he has no respect for. Then job him out for a couple of months as a guy who can't get it together because of his lack of passion for what he's doing, in process seeing if he's willing to put back in for the company when it doesn't suit him.

When he "finds himself" again and starts acting like the old brock, it would be a killer face turn. Just my 2 cents. I don't really see the point in punishing the guy if its not good for business, and just because he didn't draw money before doesn't mean someone with his tools can't. He's a lot closer to what is needed to draw than most.