The return of Passive Jay

Yeah, @JJitsu is the peace keeper.

JJitsu is a legit good dude and Cali brother. I was going through a dark time and he mailed me an 8th of weed and a gram of coke lol.

Wtf!?!?! I want coke!

That stuff would put you down old man!

You don’t know me, you don’t know my lived experiences.

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I apologize for not respecting your truth.

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This thread just got so WOKE!


Stop it.

Le fromage fausse!!

That some Louisiana hillbilly speak?

That’s Poutine, I have lived most of my life in Montreal lol

French Fries, that weird cheese and gravy = Winning like Charlie Sheen

You can go to the specialized Poutine places like La Banquise and they make all variations like:


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Those sucked. Do better.

Real talk.

You suck and sound like a tranny!

Spliff do one with King Tranny in it he’s jealous


What the fuck? Get a life forret spliffin. Pathetic.

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I was just joking! Sheesh!

I even thumbed him up.

I don’t make fun of the way you sound. That’s hurtful. You didn’t even say real talk!

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That’s not going to get me to be your friend. Don’t be such a try hard. These things have to happen organically. Like cheddar man and Kirik jr’s friendship or compost.

I know

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