The return of Santino Defranco!

I just got off the phone with a good friend of mine and a guy that I respect immensely, Santino Defranco. For those that don't know, Santino holds a quick first-round submission win over Melvin Guillard and has fought in Rumble on the Rock and King of the Cage.
Anyway, Defranco was selected to appear on The Ultimate Fighter a little while back but he was pulled by the doctor after a head x-ray was reviewed (he could tell the story more clearly).

Well, after extensive testing, a neurosurgeon just cleared Santino Defranco to return to fighting, which he will in the next few months. Glad to hear you are coming back Santino, it is long overdue. Happy Holidays my man.

What's up Carlos! Ask your boy Brandon how good of a jiu-jitsu guy Santino Defranco is, I know he went to his gym to train with him a few times.

Santino Defranco is back...

Is he that guy from Project Runway? Booyakasha! Respek.

Wow! H U G E Congrats my friend!! That's great news!!

All we have in life are our friends, our family, and our passions. So glad to know that you get to pursue yours once again. I'll call you in a bit bro.


Is he a Pavia, Ciscone and Associates client?

Great news!

i saw melvin fight a few times in atl before santino beat him, and I was there when santino beat him pretty easily, he is the real deal.....GOOD LUCK ON YOUR RETURN

ttt for Santin-do!

TTT that great news.


Best of luck Santino!!


What's up Eddie Sanchez, hope all is well in the New Year, thanks for letting me train with you. We need to get you and Santino together so your schools can organize the jiu-jitsu tournament we talked about a few months back. I'll be in town tomorrow, where is the Sitan/Genesis gym at again?

Also, for those that want to stop in and congratulate Santino Defranco on his imminent return to MMA, his gym, Southwest MMA, is located on the southeast corner of McClintock and Baseline. The phone number for the gym is 480-274-7637. Tell him The Cube sent you and you will get a free bag of nothing! Can't beat that deal :)


aneurysm, imo :)

Congrats Santino!  He stayed in Athens while getting ready the last few days to fight Melvin!   We were so proud of him.  


That's great to hear. Santino is a great guy and I know he has been itching to get back in the ring but until he got cleared he couldn't.

He is a great No-Gi BJJ guy, some tricky stuff.


Yes, yes he would.

The great franco santiago is back people.

an ur ism is correct.

Santino is the man. 155ers are in deep shit.

It is true.