The reverse punch in TMA ,why?

Even when I was totally green starting martial arts (started in Kung Fu) I never understood why the non punching hand wasn't guarding the head and lay dormant on ones side.


Does anyone know the history behind this technique and why is it so popular in many TMA systems because for me its just bloody stupid.

I'm thinking it may go back to when swords were carried and the punch is used as a non lethal attack with the other hand on the sword or weapon. Thats just a guess though.

"for me its just bloody stupid." We mock what we do not understand...

Careful attention should be paid to the pronation and supination of the arms, completing these rotations just before impact. These rotations allow increased power though proper alignment of the bones and musculature of the arms and fists. Additionally, studies were done by Chinese martial artist Bruce Lee, that analyzed the importance of linear alignment of the shoulder and arm combination. These studies measured force of impact with different arm and shoulder alignments. Punches that went high, low, or off to the side generated less force that those punches that remained as a straight extension of the shoulder. The combined effort of the shoulder and arm muscles will hold the arm in straight alignment, while the hips and chest are squared toward the target. Thus the power that is generated from the lower body is transmitted to the upper body.

I believe its a way to teach a person to put full power behind a punch. I think it creates bad habits and is really dumb. lol

I think that movement forces you to turn your hips and use them to generate power for the punch.

Try doing some TMA punches and really emphasizing pulling that other hand back. Notice that you really feel your hips shift and move in rhythm with the punch.

It gives you a bad habit of putting the hand down, but gives you the good habit of rotating your hips.

If do right, no can defense...

It is a basic technique. It is supposed to put power behind the punch and help you rotate your hips. When punching you always pull back the other hand, but in different ways.

Looking at even point fighting karate, they like to protect their heads, they keep their hands up decent. That is just a basic technique. Like the katas.

When the non-punching hand retracts to the hip, it is supposed to simulate grapping your opponents shirt and pulling him into the punch. Problem is that too many people teaching the arts have no idea why they are doing what they are doing. Hence, they have students thinking they are supposed to keep their hands there.

Hands up!

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Some interesting theorys good work.