The Revolt of the Masses and the current society

I was re-reading Ortega y Gasset's the Revolt of the Masses and saw interesting parallels to what he was describing and current society.  There is also a good article on the Daily Beast describing this as well.


"Are you, like me, puzzled to learn that Popular Science magazine recently shut down comments on its website, declaring that they were bad for science? Are you amazed, like me, that Duck Dynasty is the most-watched nonfiction cable show in TV history? Are you dismayed, like me, that crappy Hollywood films about comic book heroes and defunct TV shows have taken over every movie theater? Are you depressed, like me, that symphony orchestras are declaring bankruptcy, but Justin Bieber earned $58 million last year?"

Ortega’s brilliant insight came in understanding that the battle between ‘up’ and ‘down’ could be as important in spurring social and cultural change as the conflict between ‘left’ and ‘right’. This is not an economic distinction in Ortega’s mind. The new conflict, he insists, is not between “hierarchically superior and inferior classes…. upper classes or lower classes.” A millionaire could be a member of the masses, according to Ortega’s surprising schema. And a pauper might represent the elite.

The key driver of change, as Ortega sees it, comes from a shocking attitude characteristic of the modern age—or, at least, Ortega was shocked. Put simply, the masses hate experts. If forced to choose between the advice of the learned and the vague impressions of other people just like themselves, the masses invariably turn to the latter. The upper elite still try to pronounce judgments and lead, but fewer and fewer of those down below pay attention."


This attitude is equally applicable to both the right and left in politics today.  

On the right, many dismiss experts on conservation and the impact on industry on the environment.

On the left, many dismiss experts warnings about unrestricted immigration, foreign threats to society, and data on how the wage gap doesn't really exist.

However, it seems like the left is more guilty of this with media personalities and mass social movements like #metoo and BLM that all ignore statistical data and personal responsibility in favor of hive mind like ideas.


This is a great book if you haven't read it.


"The mass-man is a dispossessed being . He has no past and because he has lost, he has no future. It is not even certain, we have seen, it can be proud to live in perpetual peace of this boundless, freed of the weight of what has wrought: “Man-mass , Ortega y Gasset writes, is the man whose life is without projects and goes adrift. That’s why it builds nothing, although its possibilities and its powers are enormous"



Bassboats Budlight -

 So, we should be sheeple?

No you should make your own informed decisions, not be lazy and adopt group think ideas just for the sake that they're the status quo or popular.

Basically he says that the minority could come from any social class but one of their traits is that they put a lot of work into thinking out their positions and ideas carefully.

Edit: He also points out that the minority (mass vs minority, not skin color minority) often sacrifice time and pleasure to acquire skills or knowledge in various areas.  As opposed to the mass mentality that comes to a conclusion without much thought or effort, only coming to that conclusion because its how they feel or because it's the popular opinion.  

Social media magnifies this by allowing these not thought out opinions to flourish and spread by like minded people.

'Experts' just means shills, and sell outs.

What is easier, to bribe one 'expert' or the masses, each and every one?  The 'experts' ruined it for themselves by working for the highest bidder. 

They have no credibility left.  This goes for the media, scientists, intelligence agencies, etc.

Bread and circus's... We have a long way to go before the masses revolt.

And chances are by the time things get so bad that the populace would revolt under normal circumstances, marijuana will be 100% legal and, like North Korea, will be used to keep the populace docile.

Hammerstein - Of course, the left are more guilty of it, even though it's apolitical. eyeroll

So you would say that the left and right are equally guilty under this theory or that the right is more guilty?


trobinson21 -

Harry Callahan saw this coming decades ago.

So did the governments of the world.


They even updated police powers and expanded on laws against public protest and rioting, some 20 years ago in preparation for this time.


The discontent of some people has been completely nurtured and planted in their minds through the education system, liberal media, NGOs and other forms of propaganda.


In order for the NWO to come fully into power, it needs to bring down society first, so it can be rebuilt completely to their specification.