the rev's first newsletter


Hello friends,

Welcome to our first newsletter. Raquel, Adriahna, Cheyenne and I have been working in the city of Pomona CA for about five years now. We pastor a house church called the Breakfast Club and have been ministering to the people in the arts colony here. But it appears the time has come to move on to our next task. We will be planting a church in a poor suburb of Melbourne Australia, and training and coaching other
Church planters.

The church plant:

We will be joining our friends Nick and Anita Wight in their ministry Mathews Party. Mathews Party started as a ministry to streetwalkers and homeless on the streets of St. Kilda. We are happy to go with them and be part of a proven ministry team, as they move to Footscray, reaching out to those who sometimes
are overlooked by society.

This church plant will target the marginalized, in this suburb on the western side of Melbourne. This area is a known for its serious drug problem, which
has spawned youth gangs and related issues. We will have a home in the down town area from which we will seek to form relationships with some of those affected by this problem, see them form relationships with Jesus, and disciple them to the point where they can disciple others.

We will be starting a martial arts club, with the help of my daughters, who are becoming quite the martial artists themselves, and we will also be running
a community art studio and gallery, to connect with the local teenagers. We are hoping that these endeavors will not only give young people a reason to
stay off the streets, but also give us the opportunity to share with them our

The Leadership development:

I will also be working for FORGE, which is a missions training organization, working with emerging leaders. Through a series of three weeklong intensive seminars over a year, and ministry tasks and coaching in between. They have been very influential in creating mission minded church plants throughout Australia. I will be both teaching at the intensives, and coaching these young leaders as they develop their own ministries. FORGE has been accredited by all of
the bible colleges and seminaries in Australia, and gives these emerging leaders the equivalent of one year of graduate or postgraduate credit. It is my
hope that I can, in my coaching duties, draw some of these fine young people to consider the plight of the poor and marginalized and in this way multiply the
ministry to the poor not just in Melbourne but also throughout Australia.

There has been interest in the FORGE concept by some of the seminaries here in the states, and FORGE is also hoping that after spending two to three years
working with them in Australia, I would be able to then bring this unique missions training organization to the US.

We will also be helping South Melbourne Restoration Community, an innovative church in Melbourne, which is transitioning to house church ministries. Having fifteen years of experience with small groups and house churches, I will be assisting the leadership in this transitional time, and helping to train the
house church leaders.

We strongly feel that we are called in this season of our lives to partner with Nick and Anita, and with FORGE and South Melbourne Restoration Community.
Our ministry has been well received during our two previous exploratory visits to Melbourne, speaking at South twice, at FORGE during one intensive, and
teaching a one-day seminar for emerging leaders. It was apparent that my gift for coaching young leaders is needed now.

Though we would be more comfortable working a job, and doing ministry in our free time, as we do now, getting a work visa has proved impossible at this time. The only visa we can acquire is as religious workers, and as the church in Australia is very poor, this means raising our salaries and moving expenses here in the US. We are hoping to leave in Febuary of next year, and before we leave we need to raise this support for next two years. Please consider how you can be a part of our team. We need prayer as much as we need money, so please put us on your lists.


A story of hope on the streets of Melbourne

You learn pretty fast that life on the street is one without any real or lasting hope. Your best chance is to hope that you don't get bashed or ripped off by the next mug. After a few years of living like this, especially if you first experience it in your early teens, you become shut down and fearful, trusting or sharing with no one. This was Sharee's (not her real name) story but after many years of just a smile and a tentative hello, she went from being one of the most closed off people we have ever met, to becoming a close and loved friend, sharing many of the ups and
downs, joys and pains of everyday life including attempts on her life, rape, drug addiction and the premature death of her baby daughters. Along
the way she went from a prostitute with a $500 a day heroin habit, to someone who is managing a relationship, renting a house and living drug free away from the street sex scene. This is nothing short of a miracle. There are numerous other real life stories of hopeless lives finding genuine hope through a real encounter with Jesus, it's rarely ever
instantaneous, large scale, or flashy but it is miraculous. Please join us in helping to bring real hope and lasting change to the streets of Melbourne.

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can we do paypal?

I am not sure if donations through paypal will be tax deductable. The problem is the paypal account is mine, so technically you are giving money to me, which is not a tax deductable charity organization. And even though I would transfer the money to my missionary account, I don't think it would be according to the law, tax deductable.

I am working on getting a paypal account with my missionary account, but not sure if I can.

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You should be able to rev...I have a paypal account set up for my home business, and had no problems in setting it up...

Well the issue is I have to have the missionary agency set up the account, which means I think they have to manage it, which I don't know if they are staffed to do it. WOuld this be an option most of you would prefer? Even if you don't want to give to me, if you were gonna give to someone would you prefer the paypal option?

the rev

You should be able to make your paypal account a business account with little or no problem. You might want to contact the help line also, they've always been pretty cool with me.

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I have to have the non prof missionary account do it, I can't set up a non prof business account, they need to do it.

I have a banner on, can't you use that one, I sent it to you before.

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You're moving to Australia, John? When is the move planned?

We are really hoping for February, but we have to raise quite a bit of money first.

the rev