The Rev John Jensen has a DVD on Forbidden Locks (neck cranks, ankle locks, toe hold, knee bahs, and heel hooks) at

Everyone who has been on this board for a while knows the Rev to be tough, funny, passionate, selfless, and a lot more. For everyone who isn't yet familiar with him, welll, in his words ...

Rasberry is my favorite Jello flavor. My wife is a blue belt. Sometimes I eat too much cheese. My daughters make me feel old. I have had seventeen kidney stones, but still drink too much coffee. I like art museums, red wine, dancing and quiche. I use product in my hair, like shopping for shoes, and cry at movies. I like women. I can bench press 275 lbs, except when I am on the OG then I bench press twice as much. CROWNTOWNPUNKS I like Thai food better than Thai boxing. I think bullfighting is a beautiful art form. I don't love the smell of Napalm in the morning. I think Chuck Palahniuk is a poor mans David Foster Wallace. Bukowski makes me want to be a writer. Rothko makes me want to be a painter. Jesus makes me want to be a better man. Ringo was my favorite Beatle. I really like peanut butter on a hot English Muffin. Soccer is stupid. Cricket is better than baseball. Wrestling is the toughest olympic sport, but sometimes it looks pretty gay, not that there is anything wrong with that. Beating up pacifists is like shooting fish in a barrel. The Tick was a great cartoon. my brother Keith is funny. I am scared of horses.


On  a more serious note, as many of you know, the Rev runs a church for the less fortunate, and sales of these sets will go towards this tremendous effort.

And moving to topic, these sets are excellent in all regards, professionally produced, and taught with great detail, in crystal clear fashion. Link above has vid downloads so you can see some sample techs for your self! Again, url is


I support the cause or was it corrs?


John is good ppls :-)

$59.95 is not a bad price for a 3 DVD set. And judging by the sample clips the material looks good.

John knows some good stuff, and by good I mean painful and inhumane. Plus the money goes to a good cause- the Rev is helping out a lot of people in Australia.

Do yourself a favour and buy this stuff.

I was in the gym when they recorded it and it's off the chain. The Rev's leg attacsk are the stuff of legend (and I won't even mention the joy he gets from teaching the neck cranks).

This will be a great addition to any fighter's DVD library.

John loves neck cranks...a little too much.bully

Thanks guys, I think there is some good information on these dvd's, I use all of these moves (except the neck cranks, they are frowned upon here) regularly, and I hope I gave some of the small details, that make them succesful.


He taught me you don't just have to attack arms and necks... you can also attack the legs!

So ttt for The Rev!

Cheers, Maryanne.

Awesome! Rev's always been a great guy.


lol @ lady boy

What a suprise! The Rev looks like a reverend!

island martial arts HAve Very Gooooooood DVD with Best Masters of MMA !!! and you can find  all product of this company in all world Until in iran or middel East !!!

Congratulation !!! Kirik

Yo REV is a wierd bird and thats the only way to cut it. I have to give it to him though on the mat he has got some real skills. I don't give out much in terms of compliments when it comes to Jiu-Jitsu guys but I would have to say he has earned it. He has trained with many of the best grapplers from so many different styles over the years I could imagine this DVD being a culmination of secrets and techniques that he has filtered through his OH SO POWERFUL JUDGEMENT MICROSCOPE OF GRAPPLING TRUTH. If anyone has this it's the Rev but he would never tell. I will definetely add this to my collection and I advise you do the same.

Peace, "Crazy" Tim Credeur

ttt for the devil :P

Definitely gonna support The Rev...

Those sample vids were so good, it was a lay down for me.

Thanks Rev!

I bought the DVD Set. :)

thanks again guys.


I love the "Grape Popper"

I learned the grape popper from Joe Stevenson, Romie got so good at it that we all had to figure out how to stop the thing, great move.