The right getting slapped around by the left

No wonder these queers are getting away with trans kids and all that BS, its cause the average right whinger is a HS diploma educated tard.

Just listen to this

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Get better at trolling.


Animated GIF


Huh, wAt?
Cant hear ya sonny?

Puts me on ignore

Replies to all my threads

Goes to the trouble of screen shotting the fact he put me on ignore for the purpose of said screen shot

Im living your head rent free.

Those who know… KNOW! :slight_smile:

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Didn’t watch, but is this a real thing? Does CNN quire regularly invite right wingers on their shows and they are turning it down?

Because I know fox for example invites a shitton of lefties on their shows to debate.

Personally I wouldnt bother commenting if youve not watched it. Not being a dick to you its just a pointless endeavour.

Example you assume its all CNN when thats not the case, Rogan makes severable appearences.

Shapiro - TARDFACE Kike fag

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That was embarassing.

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hey queer… STFU

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This is as witty as your average righ whinger is capable of being, BEHOLD the HS dropout!^^^^

type faster

Rogan’s a giant leftie…

hahaha lolz here you are

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and? did you expect me to post vids of right whingers slapping right whingers around?
whats your point?

from strength to strength dummy gonna dummy!

you don’t have to be so hateful

OP you are free to suck all the cawks and still post on the OG.

thoughts on your need to lash out?

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Just STFU you manual worker tard

that is the hurtful lashing out I’m talking about

I’m a little bit sad now

so anyways… back to your cawk sucking

what’s your oral diameter?

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