The right getting slapped around by the left

Im lashing out? I posted two vids and the personal attacks from you right wing warehouse forklift operator types came flooding in.

Enough with the projecting cause I was like lol but then I was like LOL!

anyhoo… lolz we’re trolling sides of the same game

roll on bro

don’t drop the soap

I hope you get forklift number 6 or whatever the most vrrrrm vrrrrrrm fast one is come monday morning and that you mother cuts all the crusts off your fairy bread.

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based on these love letters, I’m almost willing to let you suck my cawk… almost

in the words of Joey Diaz, goodnight cawk sucka

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Dont forget to punch your card at the site hut! we wouldnt want you losing out on your $16.95PH

lol. The nerve of this guy.

Wonder if he’s really this angry. Or is it just a clever ruse?

Tim Pool is not a right winger nor is he very bright. Say what you want about Jordan Peterson, he would have easily avoided that trap Pool found himself in. Also, identity politics are still reductionist garbage.

You want me to call Alexwyoscki to smack you around?

Stfu, Phaggot.



Hes a tard, his argument against there not being a “white privilige” is that poor white people exist and the audience gave him a standing ovation.

I could come up with better arguments against it myself and I actually believe it exists ffs

wow you posted memes! and a screenshot of the

Girl Raise The Roof GIF by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Feel free, but please…

STFU kike, we have threads on here with titles like “who would you rather kill, blacks or homos” and youre worried about a slur. lololololol sensikike

Silly phaggot making a phaggot reply on his phaggot thread.

Girl Raise The Roof GIF by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

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Why can’t you be like that happy kid and raise the roof too? She is smiling and uplifting spirits and here you are, being mean on the internet. It’s a damn shame I tell you. I hate to swear, but it is what it is.


Keep raising the roof downey phag

This whole forum is built on hate (blacks, homos, mexicans etc etc) why is it only an issue when the establishment gets called out? cause kikes…

Part of the reason none of it is getting solved is because the right are currently the all mouth voting base. The internet has made is easy to have your say online rather than get out there and fuck shit up. Trouble is, despite what a lot of people think, having their say online means absolutely fuck all

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