The right getting slapped around by the left

compulsory voting.

Essentially, these are mostly Youtubers that don’t know much more than the average voter. The Right has a bad habit of making those types “thought leaders” or “talking heads” and it shouldn’t be surprising when they get verbally wrecked.


Well tonight is the night you make a change. In this forum, and within yourself.

I command you to raise the roof right now. Put your hands up, like the ceiling can’t hold us! I’ll fight with you til it’s over. Then hug you while crying.

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@yomamma you really serious with what you are saying ? Dude take the night off

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Ill shit in your mothers mouth while you wank in the corner crying

Ill even let you two cunts hold hands

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i think this was a good talk.

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I know you’re in here throwing haymakers and pwning but that gif is quite sweet

Some good progress was made.

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there’s a good chance we solved it.

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Time to see if I get banned . This is a good thread to try . Mods pls only give me a temp suspension. Ive been here awhile

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i do really enjoy that gif. precious.

that seems fine? who would object to that?

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It’s pretty tasteful .

The naughty parts are blocked out by arms


as long as it’s three posts away from the sweet downs gal i’m ok with it.

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HAHAHAHAHAHA right whinners trying to get the thread frozen cause I hurt their little feelings

Shapiro kills kittens

I know you are trolling so have a laugh lol

How does that feel good ?

I’m just gonna post funny obscene stuff cause this thread is just lame

i’m not sure but the female orgasm has been a mystery to me for a long time.

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