The right getting slapped around by the left

This is slftlc’s son . I have his phone . I posted wide open vagina and people putting their fists where they don’t belong . Please don’t ban my dad . Thanks mods

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also i can verify that he’s on heavy doses of over 6 potent plyschedelic medicines

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I’ve been getting pretty shitty mileage lately . All city driving . Taking a toll

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I have been doing a lot of cardio lately and cut down on carbs. So yes, I am looking quite lean. Thank you for that.

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Hilarious post. There isn’t anything the left is pushing that normal people don’t think is retarded.
You pussies gonna get smoked both in midterms and 2024. I can’t wait.

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how much of a woman do you have to be to post just to let someone know you are ignoring them? its such a bitch move and people proudly do it here… nobody cares who you are ignoring ya preteen girl.

Can anyone tell me how to get a pro account ? I’ve been here long enough that I’d like one . I’ll be here for a lot longer and would like to contribute at least something

Ok, Democrat.

You still mad?

Yeah, you mad about being called biased and rage quitting a thread.


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Thinnest skinned OGer ever.

Found a pic of your dad

See that tiny penis above the wide open hole ?

I think that might be the most disgusting pic I’ve ever seen

Don’t do it. It links to your real name and basement dwelling faggots will dox you. I’ve had it happen twice. Posted my address and everything. Threatened my family. And of course didn’t do shit but it sucks.

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Well I was fine before tonight lol .

Somebody needs a nap.

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imagine following someone around to post things you know are false just because you are so insecure, lol - maybe if i just keep saying it people will believe me! its really important to me and my fragile ego to be popular on this obscure internet message board.

thats why retards like you cant get along with someone like me - you have to pander here because you NEED people to like you. i dont give a fuck and say whatever i believe no matter what “side” it makes it seem like im on.

And then you respond with that lol . Let it go dude

You literally followed me into this thread to make that passive-aggressive post. Stop it, hypocrite Democrat.

i have no idea who you are or what you are talking about, if you think im talking to im not. lol have a good one

What a tard.

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