The right getting slapped around by the left

I just know you got all worked up about nothing . Post some gaping ass pics

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nothing passive about it - or aggressive… 100% mocking, you are a joke. to be laughed at.

My ego? Before you call others women remember you had a meltdown for the mildest ballbreaking. People say the most horrific shit and all I did was say you have a bias and you’re mad AF. :joy:

oh yeah im really upset over here lol, ok dude.

You literally can’t take any criticism. You melted down and rage quit a thread over it. Others noticed. Now you are still mad over it like a female.

there you go again, cant help yourself. you know i didnt have any breakdown, i didnt rage quit anything, i just said i was done replying to you on that thread. yes, your ego must be very fragile to keep bringing this up. but im the one upset lol.

If you aren’t then you should enjoy this . It’s not as disgusting as the rest

Sorry lololol I’ll go to bed now haha

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Sure you did.

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Others saw it and made comments on it. I know your ego can’t handle it but they were laughing at you.

Guess I will be back at a later time maybe hahahahhahah

You followed me and said I followed you.

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Why did you get so upset over something so trivial? Why are you still upset over it?

You were saying?

hes a faggot who likes queer kids too

Newish member suddenly ultra active trolling. So what was your previous SN?


Both sides are easily triggered. Politics are for dorks

It’s just one of our unimpressive losers who can’t say anything funny, interesting, engaging, ect so they have to get on burner accounts to say outrageous stuff to feel relevant. They wind up being irrelevant on each account so they move on to the next acccount and repeat the cycle.

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I knew yomomma was stupid, but this is idiotic even for him.

Le Shat


There is nothing clever about this stale dipshit.

You said the K word. Maybe i do like you