the Rizzo conundrum

I feel that Pedro Rizzo is oen of those fighters who can give any top fighter a serious run ofr his money i.e. ricco, Barnett, COture I. BUt then he is also the type of fighter who can loose to fighters who many people do not consider championship material i.e. Gan Mcgee Vladimir Matyushenko. I dont understand this guy, a lot of talent yet just cant seem to put it together and be consistent

I hear he parties alot, maybe that has something to do with it. I think his camp has alot to do with it too

Yeah you might be right, lookign at MArco Ruas's old fights he fights very similar. Very passive, and likes to pick away at people he could blow out. That does not work with the more skilled opponents.

thats the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Pedro parties alot !! Where did you hear that??

maybe he needs to get away from ruas. Maybe a new team is what is needed.

I heard it from an MMA reporter. I wasn't saying its true, just that I heard it. Since you know Pedro so well (and I don't mean this in a rude way) maybe you can explain why some of his performances are so far below his potential?

I mean, he's a kickboxer who got out struck by Couture and Randleman

i think pedro has issues mentally, maybe he doesnt have the mental game to go along with his skill

Rizzo seems like he's afraid to get taken down by grapplers. Therefore, he's very defensive. With five minute rounds in the UFC if a wrestler takes you down and grounds and pounds, they almost always get the round. Against strikers, Rizzo has given some on the more memorable fights in the UFC from standing. However, when he fought Coleman, Randleman, Couture, Rodriquez, and Vladimir he was so defensive and those fights were pretty boring. I really think its a fear of getting taken down, pushed up against the fence and losing rounds. I think he will do a lot better fighting in a regular ring. Does anyone know who he is fighting in March at Inoki's event

You thought Rizzo/Couture (either of them) were boring?

bemsqua, I would agree with you, but Pedro is always saying how he's trained on the ground since he was little, so it doesn't seem like he'd be so afraid of being taken down

Yeah, Pedro has all of the tools necessary to be great, but just can't put it together. I think Cro-Cop is a great example of what Rizzo should try to fight like. He's not exactly a Gracie on the ground, but he's not bad either.
I agree with the mental hang-up theory and the fact that he's with Ruas, who has many of the same issues himself. Ruas can act like he's telling Rizzo to go out and pull the trigger and be aggressive, but he's guilty of the exact same behavior about 75% of the time.
I'm not one of those people that ususally thinks changing teams is a good idea, but Rizzo should go ANYWHERE else.

The first post basically summed up why styles make fights.

"I'm not one of those people that ususally thinks changing teams is a good idea, but Rizzo should go ANYWHERE else"


I agree, unless there's alot of new blood coming into RVT soon. Jeremy Horn's recent fights are an excellent example of how a change in camps can make a boring fighter a finisher

when you look as good as rizzo does, it's hard not to be partying at all times

There is no way in the world that Pedro will ever leave RVT,
so any talk of that is pointless. Pedro is friends with
Minotauro and they train together in Brazil and Mino cannot
sub him so that speaks for his ground skill. Everyone seems
to blame Ruas for Rizzo's problems, but Ruas trains for
agressiveness and action... Rizzo just can't quite put it all
together upstairs.

Yeah i think its a mental thing. I thikn changing teams might bring new skills to rizzzo, but he would prolly just be just as passive with those skills