I was thinking of putting together a dvd documentary of the preperation before a fight. We are having a local show here June 10th. Three of us at Sacan Martial Arts are fighting. I thought maybe documenting the road to the fight would be interesting to some. The training and conditioning so on and so forth. I am also planning on getting interviews with Rich Franklin and other local heros. I don't know if I would sell it for like $5 or just post it up on you tube or something. Just something I thought I would run by the UG.

That'd be cool. I love HLight videos, but the thing that pumps me and untrigues me more than anything is watching pro-fighters training. The in the gym videos on insidefighting and sherdog are my favorite thing fucking EVER!!!!!! And Rich's highlight that came out before his fight with Crow, has him training..the shit man..the shit.. SPROUT

BTW...I might even be up there training too, so it would be even cooler if I could see my self in the background...


Do it!

Anyone else have any input? Just curious if I should do it or not.