The road to wellness where does...

it ends financially?

In your opinion, when will you reach wellness financially speaking? $1,000,000/year income, more? Have you set yourself goals?

What have been your progress so far? I am just curious to see how my fellow OGers are doing.

For my part, I immigrated to the USA from France 6 years ago w/ $400.00 in my pockets, a BS in Business Administration, knowing no one and not even speaking a word of English. Slept on the carpet of a shitty shared apartment for a year working 2 jobs a waiter in San Diego.

Today, I am a CFO-partner of a small company, part-time loan officer, own 2 houses, and have an income between 150-200K/year.

I still consider I haven't made it yet. I am working still about 40 hours a week.

My goal is to clear a passive income of $500,000/year, and work 20 hours a week. At that stage I think I would have made it.

First off, a big congrats on how far you've made it! My wife also moved here from Europe a little over 3 years ago albiet with better English than you had. Its tough to adjust to a new culture and language, especially one like ours. It is the land of opportunity though, as you no doubt know.

Your post brings up a very good point. A lot of people want to be 'rich' whatever that means. But they have no goal or plan to meet it. Where does my road end? I don't think there is such a thing and my goals aren't as lofty as yours. But then again I'm lazy. ;)

As of this year I'm starting with a house, an in demand career and a household income of 100k. I just put in a solid offer on a second house today which will mean my current residence will be my first rental.

I will consider myself there when I meet the following:

1: Primary residence paid for.

2: 3k month passive income.

3: 1 mil net worth.

At that point I can comfortably semi-retire and kick back.

Just wanted to clarify that my road is not about money.

It's about how far I can go. Pretty much like in the gym when your trainer is asking you to do as much push-ups as you can, your arms are shaking, you're tired, but you still have that will to keep pumping to see how far you can go. ;)

This said, the USA is truly the land of opportunities, I hope that you Americans realize how blessed you are to live here. I know I appreciate every minute of it.