The Rock Comes Out As Gay!

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His production company can afford the cgi.

Insurance rates are gonna go through the roof for sets using blanks.

Most smaller studios don’t have the resources to use rubber guns and add everything in during post.

But if you can afford it, may as well do it.

Can you cgi a close up of an actor pulling a trigger and seeing the cylinder turn?

How about when directors love to have actors rack the slide of a semi auto to set the tone.?.

I guess I don’t know cgi limitations.

Yes to all of that. CGI has come a very long way in the past 15 years or so.

There are tons of films that already use CGI for various weapons which don’t exist in real life.

It can be done, but again, it is very expensive and not all studios will be able to afford it.

Hint, almost all of the gunblasts you see in movies now are CGI