The Rock says "I would've dominated in MMA"

Fan of The Rock growing up and would have been very interesting to see him in MMA. Although our impression of him would be completely different. As it was said earlier, we probably never would have seen his colorful side had he not "wrestled" in the WWE.

Huge Rock fan...

Was a fan as a kid of wrestling, stopped caring, and he brought me back again.

Just unbelievable promos.

Rock and Mick Foley back and forths were just golden. Great entertainment. Even though I knew wrestling was fake, I found myself rooting for him in each match like a little kid.

Damn, The Rock was one of the best characters to ever grace pro wrestling.

"Samoan chin?"

You mean like the one John Matua had?

Just seeing that vid and those pics gives me a huge smile when i think back to the wwf/wcw feud. Great times.

The Rock = The Man.

"and then grab that SOB by the handles and shove it up your candy azz!

- u forgot that part at the end :) "

If you get out your thesaurus, you'd see that's exactly what SC said

Datguy - 6'4 270 pounds of pure muscle, fantastic athelete, amazing Charisma, and hes Samoan so hes probably got an amazing chin. No doubt he woulda been the biggest MMA fighter ever.

Hows the muscle going to help him when someone catches him in a submission? Best MMA fighter ever, really guy?

damn - didn't realize he was bigger than Lesnar, or at the least the same size.

would be nice to see any of these wrestlers including Lesnar, reach blue belt level in jiujitsu though

PrideGP is The GAME - Interesting he had a problem doing the eyebrow. Botox maybe?

Oh please, a lot of people say they would do a lot of things but when push comes to shove, they just simply dont want to do it.

The dude is without a question an athlete and a half, but a fighter? No, you either do it or you dont.

JackTheMusicHarries - ... He'd be alot f*cking better for PPV buys than Batista would be for Strikeforce that's for damn sure.

I can only imagine what a WWE Superstar MMA fight would bring in in terms of ratings!

I remember watching The Rock live when I thought wrestling was real (stfu). Always exciting.


I remember when he wrestled Hogan and the crowd started booing him even though he was the good guy and Hogan the bad guy. It looked like the crowd was getting to him.

That shit was one of my favorite moments in The WWF.