The Rock Visits Kids In Prison

I was arrested multiple x's as a teen (fighting/stupid shit) Said if I can make it, so can you. Strong day.


Damn Barry gotta checkered past? That scared straight shit really works huh lol Phone Post 3.0

lol not me, that was written by the Rock on twitter haha.

i work with troubled kids so this makes me happy to see

SaintVon Barksdale -

True story, I met Barry at a WCW event back in 99, and he asked me if I had a dollar, he was a dollar short to buy a soda. I tell him of course, and as I pull out my wallet this motherfucker flat cold cocks me and steals all the money I had on me.

When I woke up, though, he had a soda for me too. So all was forgiven.

Straight up thug shit. But that's how they roll in the mean streets of Fresno b.
Can't front on that. Phone Post 3.0

SVB did have a Raiders wallet, I couldn't help but to regulate on that punk buster.