The Rockers paralyzed a guy?

I just saw this today…or at least I don’t remember ever hearing about it before. An inexperienced jobber named Chuck Austin

And I guess technically it was just Marty Jannetty

He broke his own neck.

I’m not sure how he is now. A couple years ago he was in a motorized wheelchair. He was in a series of TV appearances in Florida talking about the changes in the prescribing of opiates.

The video is on YouTube. The guy took the bump 100% wrong. With that said I don’t know his training background and if he had any business beibg in that ring.

They settled out of court for 10 mill

Thats what Marty did to guys who molested him behind the bowling alley.


Watching it, it did look like it was in the guy and not Marty.

Listening to the vid, sounds like he only had months of backyard type training and just showed up, paid 150 bucks and told to go out there.