The Rum Diary (novel)

I love this book, and forgot how much I liked it. I started reading it again. Last read was probably ten years ago.

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I read it 17 years ago but remember it was really good. I remember his description of the patio bar type place they’d all go drinking after work really made you feel like you were there. He was a great writer even beyond the fun shocking drug type stories.

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Yeah, the intro.

It sounds like a lot of shitty after work bars. I think many people have had in their lives. I had PJ Carney’s on E 56th, then when that closed, The Old Stand on Lexington.

It is a super fast book. Hunter is a lot like Hemingway in some ways. His use of concise language, and having a cult like following of people who are annoying shell and more into the myth of the person than the actual work.

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I read it about 15 years ago as well. It was great.

But did that hot chick get gang banged to be left off the island!?


Read this. Good book. Remind me of Peter Dillion’s : 40 and lex

One of my favorites

If it weren’t for Johnny Depp we probably never would have been able to read it. Hunter was 22 when he wrote it. Sent it out and got rejected by seven or so publishers, and stuffed it in a drawer.

Then 50 years later or whatever, Johnny Depp finds it while reading through Hunter’s papers and gets it published and the screenplay done.

Pretty interesting when you read the book, and one of the themes is looking at aging, growing old, mid life and all that, and Hunter was only 22.

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I’m pretty sure I read the book way before the movie was even was in production. I’m also certain I read it before Johnny Depps version of Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas.

book published in 98. fear and loathing came out in 98.

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My favourite book to read. His prose is amazing, very structured but with loose vocabulary that makes you picture everything he’s describing because you have to think about how he uses particular words. Hell’s Angel’s is great, too. I fell in love with the way he writes reading it.

Rum Diary Novel - written in the early sixties, but wasn’t published until 1998. Hunter was rejected by seven publishers before it went on the shelf. Johnny Depp read it in the late 90s and encouraged publication. First publication was in 1998.

Rum Diary movie came out in 2011.

Fear and Loathing was published in 1971, the movie was released in 1998.

I am not sure what point you are making?

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Idk if I’ve read this one. I loved his Hppells Angels book.

I was in Aspen the day he punched his own ticket with a buddy from California out for my birthday. He and I were huge hunter fans, hit us kinda hard. The day before my buddy wanted me to take him to hunters property but I told him we’d get shot.

A month later I was hanging out with the cop that was first on scene. He didn’t really even know who he was beyond an “old rich hippie”

Fucking kids man…

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