The Salt Lake City Thread

AKA Attn: Bill Brasky... Probably.

Let's talk SLC food shit here.

Do you know of any place in town that sells good, fresh spices?

Any advice on butcher shops or grocery stores that carry good cuts of meat? Specifically, I'm looking for a selection of briskets. The Albterson's I go to typically just has one brisket out.

Hmmm, good, fresh spices.  I don't. 

My girlfriend actually found this thread and alerted me to it via IM.  Here's what she said about meat.  I think she's right.

aahh! a ladybug! says:

so scott's asking about meat places - tell him to go to Snider's Meats on 6245 Highland Drive.


I'll check it out. Thanks BB's GF!

Let's talk restaurants...

Best Mexican:

I have to go with all those "La" places: Puente, Frontera, and Luna. Do you know the story behind them? From what I understand the dude owned Cafe Silvestri, and had to give them all to his first wife when they divorced, so he started La Frontera. Same thing happened with the next wife, so he started La Puente. Not sure what the deal with La Luna is, but I know it's the same people.


Big Apple Pizza is as good as any NYC style I've had in NYC. Cheese only on this bad boy, it's too thin to handle anything greasy, like pepperoni.

Of course, you gotta love The Pie. Definitely a Utah original, and U of U tradition.

I tried Connie's Pizza last week, who claims to have authentic Chicago style pizza. It was trash. Tasted like Pizza Hut.

What are some good foofoo places that aren't to pricy? Citrus Grill is the only inexpensive one I've really tried. I totally love their Grilled Cheese DuJour.

Foofoo food?

Paging Alice for help with this thread...

Mexican: I love La Puente, etc. My Mexican friend loves them too. However, I think the best Mexican food I've ever had was at The Red Iguana. Their mole's will make you want to buy a crappy apartment nearby and eat all your meals there.

Pizza: The Pie is good. Hmmm. Papa John's? Shit, the GF and I never go out for pizza, so that's a toughie. Oh! Wait! There is a pizza place in Sugarhouse called Este. That place rocks. New York style pizza, and crazy hippies who run the place. They have a sign saying that they will put pineapple on any pizza, but there is a pineapple can "corkage" fee of $200.00.

Foofoo places? Shit. I'll have to think about that one. Paging Alice...

Have you seen Shawn of the Dead? Where he keeps taking his girlfriend to The Winchester? Well, our Winchester is The Pub at Trolley Square. The food is ok, but they have 1/2 price beer pitchers for college students. I've been using my old expired student ID for years now to get discount beer.

How about good fish?

Good Italian?

Good steak?

Fish: I think Market Street is about as good as it gets for us land-locked folks.

Italian: Wife and I really like Primo. About 2600 East and Ft. Union. Limited menu, but good. I usually get the Penne Vodka (go figure) or the Shrimp Fra DiAvalo.

Steak: I hate to admit this, but I like Outback as well as any of our local places. Christopher's and Ruby River are good, but Outback has one of my favorite fillets.

Do we have one of those Korean BBQs, as described on the other thread?

If we do I've never been there.

P.S. OGing from the San Diego convention center is awesome. How was fishing?

Didn't go. Slept in, then installed a dog door. :(

i wanna go to Utha. i did a report on zion in college and thought it seemed cool, aside from the whole no alcohol thing.

whats is utah known for? culinary-wise.

Other than Billy Brasky's cooking, not much. Maybe Jell-O recipies. LOL.

Mullet is correct about Jell-O recipes. If it is in your refrigerator you can add it to Jell-O, that's our state motto.

What no-alcohol thing in Utah? Did you not see Mullet's "I'm Drunk" thread from Friday night?

Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, and Bryce Canyon must be seen to be believed.

P.S. I ate a 32 ounce ribeye at an awesome steak place called Graystone last night.

Oops, this belongs on the San Diego thread.

You're such a tease.


If you do come to town, let us know.

word, i'll bring the jello packets

You bring shredded carrots, zucchini, and cottage cheese and we'll bring the Jell-O.

good god, man.

LOL @ that painfully accurate shopping list.

Finally went to Snider's today, but you probably knew that. LOL.

If Cabela's is my Disneyland, Snider's is now my Magic Mountain. That place was fantastic. The old dude I talked to was extremely helpful. He didn't mind pulling all the briskets out so I could check the fat makeup of the back side.

I'll definitely be back.