The Samurai psyche of Rashad Evans

The Samurai psyche of Rashad Evans - 11/8/2007
by Roberto Cepeda

"It’s one of the worst nightmares a professional athlete can have. A huge opportunity, a worldwide stage and the tools to get the job done but on account of not performing to the very best of their ability, they fall a bit short and can’t be sure of what could have been.

That’s where UFC light heavyweight Rashad Evans found himself last July after battling to a draw with former champion Tito Ortiz."



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Rashad "Ghostdog" Evans

"idiot reporter jinx" I've been there!

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When I think of "Samurai" I immediately think of Rashad Evans.

"Takedown", "mindset", and "rematch" are all one word, with no hyphen or space between them.

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"When I think of "Samurai" I immediately think of Rashad Evans. "

The point, of course, is to learn something new about him. I didn't previously know that there was a driving philosophy he tried to adhere to in his life and career. And the fac that you wouldn't for some reason automatically think of him as a "Samurai", makes it more interesting that he tries to live by a Samurai related creed, in my opinion.

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What type of responses are you expecting?

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