The seed

The Seed

"When you sow, you do not plant the body that will be, but just a seed, perhaps of wheat, or of something else." Paul( I Corinthians 15:37)

As we observe things, within the tasks assigned to Nature, the seed represents the sacred role of Priestess of the service of the Creator and of Life.

As glorious heir to Divine Power, Nature cooperates in the evolution of the world and silently transmits the sublime lesson full of infinite values to mankind.

It wisely exemplifies the need for starting points, the just requirementes for work, the proper places and appropriate times.

Some restless and insatiable individuals have yet to understand Nature. They expect great accomplishments from one day to the next. They forcefully impose their tyrannical measures by the use of power, arms or otherwise betray the profound Laws of Nature. They accelerate processes of ambition, establish transitory control, glorify themselves over fictitious conquests, become aggrandized and fall without even succeeding in accomplishing any sanctified edification for themselves or for anyone else.

They have not learned the lesson from the minuscule seed that provides wheat for the daily bread and guarantees life in all the regions of planetary struggle.

To know how to commence constitutes an important service.

In the redeeming effort it is necessary not to lose sight of the small possibilities, such as a gesture, a conversation, an hour, a phrase, which can be the instrument of glorious seeds for immortal edification. Therefore, it is indispensable never to disregard them.

Our Daily Bread - Emmanuel / Francisco C Xavier