The Set Up by Dan Bilzerian Book Review

I give it a solid 8/10. In the first half of the book, I couldn’t put it down. Last 1/3 was very forgettable and repetitive and a chore to read. Still worth reading to see “how he did it” since his story is completely unbelievable. In the book, he brings receipts and testimonies from people that were there including celebrities and famous poker players with pictures to prove what he is saying is true.

Takeaways from what I read:

  • dan was bullied like any other kid and a sex addict which was a huge driving factor in whatever he does. His motivation factor was his dad’s lack of love, his need to be wanted by females, and to prove other people wrong
  • there are pictures of him playing the super high limit games. These games are completely exclusive.
  • Dan’s life changing moment was when he made 70 million from a billionaire hedge fund manager (forgot his name) who won $700 million from a texas oil tycoon!
  • The US government fucked over his father. Paul Bilzerian was a corporate raider. He made millions doing shakedowns with poorly run companies. He would buy up stock of underperforming companies with poor management, threaten a hostile take over and then sell the stock back at a premium price, enriching himself and his investors. He had no intentions of buying the company. I looked up the story and it is true. Paul did nothing wrong and was charged with a political crime since REAL corporate raiders would actually buy the company, sell off the assets and close up shop, costing thousands of jobs in the process which is still completely legal. Paul was a scap goat since he was the only person charged with a crime of not filing paper work while hundreds of others were doing the same.
  • Dan admits to not having game with women. Instead, he created an environment they competed for him. Girls are very competitive and don’t like to lose

Overall, most of his detractors are now quiet or moving the goal posts now that Dan brought receipts, just like that faggot Doug Polk who refuses to believe that a less skilled poker player made more money than he did.

Also, learned from the book, that most girls are whores, willing to suck off an internet celebrity to piss off their boyfriend or get some cheap internet clout.

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from his book plus more

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