The Shield is quite possibly the greatest TV series I have ever seen, but... WTF!!!!!

I just finished season 5...

(spoiler alert...)....

Why the f did they kill off Lem???? He was probably my favorite character. That made no sense. Shane didnt have to kill him. Strike Team will never be the same...

And Forrest Whittaker is a great actor, but his character is a total asshole. That is all. Phone Post 3.0

Shane??? SHANE!!!

Great series and I love how it ends. Enjoy the ride! Phone Post 3.0

I bounce back and forth on whether i like the Shield or Breaking Bad better....both incredible.

I fuckin hated forest Whittakers character lol Phone Post 3.0

I was just followin your gameplan, COACH! Phone Post 3.0

Your ex-wife's pussy tastes like sweet butter


Spectacular show.  I was hooked after the first ten minutes of the first episode.

Best ending to any series. Phone Post 3.0

My all time favorites show, the finale is perfect. Phone Post 3.0

Cletus VanDamme

Awesome series, Vic is one of TV's greatest characters. Phone Post 3.0