The "shrinkflation" is here

Got some sub rolls for turkey subs and roast beef subs. Used to be 18 rolls for $6.50. Now its the same $6.50 for 12 rolls.

The big bag of rolls just got 33% smaller and this was at the “bulk” store where you are supposed to buy larger cheaper amounts of things compared to normal grocery stores.

I think homemade subs cost around $1 a year ago and they are closer to $1.50 now.

Shrinkflation is annoying as its just a gentle slap in the face because they won’t even sell you the product they used to sell you as they think you are too dumb to notice they are taking 10%, 20%, 30% of it away to keep the price the same.

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They better not try that shrinkflation shit with my beer. If they start taking beers out of my 30 pack I’ll snap. That will be the final straw.

I hope it’s a paper straw cause climate and change!!


I haven’t noticed any package size reductions recently but I’ll be on the lookout.

It’s a 27 pack now.

And the cans are 11oz

When the financial crisis hit Russia at the end of 2014 with the oil price drop, they came up with another kind of beer shrinkflation: they started selling 0.45 liter bottles instead of 0.5 l

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Holy fuck at how small cereal boxes have gotten lately

Are you trying to make me snap?

Thats not surprising. Good to see you around touch, hope you are doing well.

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