The Silva interview on ADCC

Man, what an interview. I can;t help but to lik this guy more and more everyday. He is very humble and has so much respect for his opponents yet is so confident. I wish Silva the best of luck in his fight with KOndo because Kondo is at another level from Silva's opponents so far. Kondo has a different mind and motives and is very dangerous. I give Kondo the best chance of a win against Silva in Pride than anyone yet, including Rampage.

what is the web addy?!?

Oh sorry, go to this site and the story is on there...enjoy...

I'm stupid...LOL! Haven't been there in a while, but just found it, and read the interview!

Nothing but true class and skills!!

Hands down will establish himself as one of the best ever with that attitiude!

It was a nice interview. Hope to see more interviews like that.

It was a great interview silva was definately speaking from his heart.

Since he so viscious in the ring interviews like this show how compasionate he can be.

Interview – Wanderlei Silva
Submitted by: Team TATAME
Posted On 04/18/2004

By: Gleidson Venga / Team TATAME

Tell us a little about your fight with Minowa. This was a very anticipated fight in Japan! Minowa is a tough guy who lasted almost 15 minutes fighting with Quinton Jackson. I had to train very hard because I didn't know what he could do. So despite the fight being so fast, the training and preparation were very hard.

The fight ended faster than you expected? It was definitely faster than I expected! I thought that it would be long fight, but he tried to shoot at my legs, he placed me in the guard and there I threw two punches. One of them caught him in the chin, it was seemed he went out like Sakuraba, only that he was on the ground. It caught his chin flush and he went unconscious, because the punch was very strong. I think that it is my first knock-out in the guard.

What did you think of the performances of your teammates, Jadson and Shogun? Jadson is an excellent athlete. I think this time his performance was not as it could be, but he is a new athlete, and new chances will appear. He will have better preparation for the next one. I think that a great deal of it is experience. If the guy has already stepped out there, he has gone through all that, it makes him grow. And 'Shogun' surprised everyone, not only because of the victory! I was certain that he was going to be successful, also since he is a very good athlete and he is getting the experience. He surprised with the stand up technique, he was kicking very confidently, with intensity and when it caught the guy he felt it. That was a spectacular fight. I was very happy for him - he is 22 years old and we are predicting a shining future for him and for Ninja.

So Chute Boxe won their challenge against Japan... Yeah that's it! It was 1x1 and Silva had that go there to decide the winner! This was the most important event for our school, to show how our school's system works in the biggest event in the world. The first Bushido was with the Gracie family, because of the tradition, and the second invited school was Chute Boxe. It shows how we are there! The Master has very good contact with the promoters and we are going to take other athletes who have still not fought there, such as Daniel Acácio, Macaco, Azeredo, we want to take them to fight in Pride.

Murilo Ninja will really be the representative of the team in the Heavyweight GP? We are in negotiation, but probably he will be, he is not totally confirmed but we decided that he will be there. We are already training him and he is working for it. I think that he will be a surprise, because Ninja is a very hard athlete. As I said to Kawasaki asking for the fight, 'Have you ever seen a bad fight from him?". The guy never fought badly and he does not fear anybody, he is a very brave athlete, very courageous and he has incredible gas.

Talk about the movie where you made your actin debut in Japan? It was a very cool thing, the name of my character was Morte, the Japanese didnt know what this meant! I did a fight scene with one guy that is an actor and fighter, a Japanese guy of 60kg. The staff was very impressed with my performance! I told him to punch wide, to do his kicks, that I would not have problem, that I am experienced with blows. He came straight up to me and gave a string of blows, and he started to connect with the punches, he gave me one right on my mouth. The guy was terrified! I told to them to be calm, but we made a really realistic scene!

So it means that Wanderlei Silva is the new Van Damme of the movies? (laughs) No, Van Damme is different. But really the director said that he liked it very much and that probably this year I'll make another one.

How was this Valentine's Day promotion in Japan? This was another very cool promotion! A promotion on the InterNet had chosen about 100 girls who had signed up to give a gift to me, and they had chosen 10. They gave their gifts to me, they gave me chocolate! Now when I come back I'll take gifts to the girls. I will repay them, I am a gentleman. (laughs)

When will be your next fight? The next one probably will be in June, because in April will be the heavyweight GP. I think that I will be there only to corner Ninja. I entered in contact with the biggest marketing company in Japan, they will assist me there, and I think that I will have good media exposure there. I already have a good name, but I as other athletes, I want to appear in commercials. I am going to see this side of the business during these months and I'm preparing to fight in June.

And the challenge that you made to Yuki Kondo? He challenged me! They must do this fight and I will be there. I accepted his challenge and I will headline this event of June. The guy defeated Zé Mario, who is a top fighter, so he's a good Japanese fighter, the way we like it.

Talk a bit about the new acquisition of Chute Boxe, Nino 'Elvis' Schembri ... We´ve are happy since! He is considered one of the top fighters in Jiu-Jitsu and that´s true, he´s very technical. I´m sure that he and Cristiano will add a lot to the jiu-jitsu of our team. We will help him too, since he´s gonna learn a lot about the stand up game. Wait in the near future for a new Nino. Nino now is Chute Boxe, we´ve adopted this kid.

Some months have gone by, what comes to your mind when you think back to your Pride GP? What comes to the mind is that it was a long time between matches for me. Rhen I made the first fight, and it was a hard fight. I was in the dressing room, with Mestre Rudimar, Rafael, Cristiano and I was having circulation problems in my legs. My two hands were hurting - I could not close my hand due to the pain, and my body ached and I still had to fight Rampage. What I remember is them preparing me, massaging my body and telling me about confidence, that I was there to win. The Master was working on my psychological state 'You will enter, will win, stay calm '. One of the best memories that I have is of him supporting me, telling me that everything is gonna be ok. I was a bit nervous, with much pain and then I entered the ring and won. Another great memory is after the referee separated us, I went up on the ropes and looked out at the public, and everybody was standing up applauding and crying out, the confetti was falling, and I thought 'wow, I knockedhim out!' That night was fate in my favor, I truly believe that. I asked God for help, I prayed, and for the final to end like that, like a postcard, in the biggest fight of my life, surely I was graced that day.

Final messages? 2004 is only starting, and what is passed, is passed. I want to fight, I am not ther type to rest on his laurels. I think that all fighters have a dream and mine was not to be champion, it was to have many fights. I want to fight so that after my career I wil lbe able to support my family. ANd I never choose adversaries. I want to pass all the difficulties and when I arrive at the end of my career, I want to have the certainty that I did everything for the sport. That MMA grew and that other people gained when I won. This year I will continue representing Brazil well and giving joy to the fans. Check out my website at

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