The Silva Sixteen

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                                The Silva Sixteen 
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                    <p>In one of the more interesting and original articles, spoke to all sixteen past UFC opponents of Anderson Silva to get their insight into the legendary fighter.</p>

The former foes of 'The Spider' weigh-in on their thoughts leading up to their bout with Silva, what was going through their head during and after the fight, and their final assessment:

Bonnar: I actually feel kind of responsible for him losing to Weidman like that. I'm sure [Anderson] just looked at Weidman as another dumb white American that he could pull that s--t with, because he got away with that s--t with me, with Forrest. He started pulling that same s--t with Chris, and Chris hit him with the same left hook I did, but just a little harder and right on a good spot on the chin. Lights out. So, sorry Anderson for giving you that false sense of confidence there.

Griffin: Chris Weidman got some really good coaching. They said, ‘Punch him in his f--king chest. Put a hole in his f--king chest. Don't swing at his head. You're not going to hit it.' That's the thing. He knows he's getting you to open up, so he can counter you. Now the problem is he's been doing it and doing it, and you can see from me to Vitor (Belfort) to Stephan ... he's getting more and more careless. Not careless, but he's just been having so much success with that thing that he became too enamored with it.

Cote: Maybe he was a little bit bored, because he was so dominating against other opponents. He was still trying to give a good show. I don't know. It's hard to say bad things. He's the champion, he can do whatever he wants. If you don't like it, just train and go beat him. (Laughs.)

Leben: It truly is a miracle, amazing and a little bit of luck too, that Anderson was able to go against so many top competitors without somebody finally landing a lucky shot on him. I have a saying: You drive a car long enough, you're going to get into a wreck. That's just kind of the way things are. It's amazing that Anderson went so long without getting into a wreck.

Leites: Anderson was taunting, but that's what he does. It's a natural thing. He does that to break his opponents psychologically and counter, but he got lost. Chris Weidman was patient, waited for the right moment. Everybody has two arms and two legs. You're in a fight. If someone punches you in the chin, you're going down.

Lutter: I think there was a time when Anderson Silva's chin was really, really good. His chin, at some point in time on it's own, somewhere along the way, it started moving south, and I think it showed when he fought Chael. When he fought Chael, Chael knocked him down. Chael isn't known to be that hard of a hitter.

Maia: Weidman's reach is also an important factor. He has more reach than Vitor Belfort and Dan Henderson, and I don't think Anderson has fought in the middleweight division against someone that has more reach than him. It was not only because of the reach -- Weidman is a great fighter -- but it definitely helped. That few inches on the end, maybe someone else like me, Belfort or Henderson would have missed that final punch.

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Ya know there is already a huge thread on this article with a lot of discussion.

Just saying...

Or does a thread automatically get created when something is posted to the news section? Phone Post 3.0

JustPeed - Ya know there is already a huge thread on this article with a lot of discussion.

Just saying...

Or does a thread automatically get created when something is posted to the news section? Phone Post 3.0;thread=2267589&amp;forum=1&amp;page=1&amp;pc=29