The Smashing Maching

This is easily the best MMA documentary I've seen. Watched Choke (very good)and Rites of Passage (okay) but this one was solid. Any others you've seen? I think it would be a blast to put one of these together.

It Totally inpsired me rather than repulsed, which I get the feeling a lot of people were.

Red_skull The question was "any OTHERS you've seen".

"Life In The Cage". That one was pretty good. Still want to see "Smashing Machine".

Uncle-Fight day is about a 30 min short that follows Renzo through the day of his fight with Otsuka. They shot a lot of stuff with Renzo that didn't apparently make the film. Worth watching.

the blockbuster by my house has smashing machine. Yours should too

Best ever, Renzo part great, Bas nailing Ricco priceless

yes i agree, it is the best MMA documentry i have seen. Rites of Passage and Life in a cage were good, but Smashing Machine is great and the extras make it well worth watching.

Smashing Machine was excellent. Some good fight footage but really a cool look at Kerr's life. Kerr had a lot of problems. It would be a great movie for someone not even in the fight game.

Zoner - I don't know of any others but Pulvers book is excellent too as a documentary.

What happened when Bas nailed ricco?

In training gave him a hard straight right, you have to see it

It is on the dvd, in special features, I believe

rites of passage was wayyy better than just "okay".

Yeah, I meant to put "way better than just okay". I did like the part on Enson. Great fight footage throughout as well.

Yeah, hearing Ricco groan from the shot is pretty funny.

Kerr's a top bloke.

Excellent documentary !

i still cant believe how bad they beat the hell outta ricco.he was a reputable fighter even then.and they beat him like a rag doll.....kerr even chokes him out to a is a balck belt right?

i also think its funny the way bas towards kerrs bitch.the look of discust is obvious.i could tell he wanted to liver kick her.

lol....never saw rites thought.

I made Life in the Cage when I was still in college, and although it still has its perks, I think Smashing Machine is a far superior film. My only complaint about it are certain production issues, as the film maker was definately amateur in the sense of composition and lighting. Luckily, they shot enough footage to where a good editor was able to turn it into a hugely compelling narrative.

Early in 2003, I had the opportunity to start pre-production on another MMA documentary, but after a while I turned it down, because in order to make a film that could stand toe to toe with SM, I would need a whole lotta money.

It's a fine film and I would recommend it to anyone.

.....but not until after you've bought Life in the Cage :)

Ed Doty