The sound of that kick...


..was sickening.

Is Dollaway alright?

In before Big Brother eliminates you.

I was sure I had heard 2 ribs turn into 4

gr3asegun - 

In before Big Brother eliminates you.

Not a PPV. I do what I want.

C.B. Dollaway: Suspended 180 days pending clearance of right rib Phone Post 3.0

I'm worried that the sound of the kick may have ruptured Machida's eardrums. Phone Post 3.0

I for once welcome our heartbreaking overlord!

It wasn't his rib, it was his heart.... Move sexyama there is a new chief in town

Sexchida! Phone Post 3.0

Man that was a soul stealing slap sound.


Oof Phone Post 3.0

I'll pray for Dollaway's soul. RIP sweet prince.


oh fuck, that's gut wrenching.

Yeah, that clickety clack sort of freaked my brain out.


^ Haha the hug and tap both got nice winces